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    FAWCO has a long and illustrious history of supporting philanthropic efforts around the globe. As early as the 1930s, FAWCO donated to relief organizations and began awarding academic scholarships. This is all the more impressive as membership at that time totaled only 10 to 12 clubs. In 1967, The FAWCO Foundation was established by then-FAWCO President, Mary Mag.

    Today, the mission of The FAWCO Foundation is to put into action FAWCO’s stated interest in the global community by specifically aiding charitable and educational programs, and by supporting the rights of women and children throughout the world. As the “philanthropic heart” of FAWCO, The Foundation relies on, and is truly grateful for, the support of our extremely generous and caring FAWCO community. 

    Our programs are at the heart of what we do


    The Development Grants are aligned with FAWCO's four areas of focus, in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Health, Education, Environment and Human Rights.

    Since 1997, The FAWCO Foundation Development Grants program has awarded $677,000 to more than 120 charitable projects in over 50 countries, delivering on our mission to support women and children worldwide.

    For more than 50 years The FAWCO Foundation has awarded over $1,1390,000 in Education Awards to support more than 350 members and their children to help further their educational goals.

    These awards include Arts, Sciences, Humanities, STEM as well as Non-University and Dual Cultural Awards. Skill Enhancement Awards are also available for our members to become more competent and confident in their chosen field.

    FAWCO and The FAWCO Foundation jointly administer a multi-year program that brings a critical global issue to the attention of FAWCO clubs, their members and to the world.

    The FAWCO Target Program was initiated to unite the power of FAWCO member clubs around the globe to bring attention to critical issues, working together in support of the effort to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


    We would like to thank all our sponsors who have generously made these life-changing grants and awards possible. The shared thoughts of our donors certainly show us that the impact is significant in both directions - to the giver as well as the receiver. A heartfelt thank you to all of them from the Foundation.

    Read their stories here.





    If you or your club donate at least $1,000, your names will appear under the title of the grant or award, listed as a partial sponsor. Should you or your club fund an entire grant or award, not only can you name the Development Grant or Education Award, you can also set the parameters for the applicants - you define the specifics.

    No matter how much you choose to give, what a legacy you will be creating! You can fully or partially sponsor a grant or award on an ongoing basis or as a one-off event. Is your club celebrating an anniversary or honoring long-standing members? Are you honoring the memory of someone special? Sponsorships are a wonderful opportunity to bring attention to the legacy of your club and its members or loved ones. 

    Contact The FAWCO Foundation President for more information.

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