Awesome Blossoms

    Edible Fresh Fields for Sustainable Life in the Slums


    FAWCO member clubs selected AWESOME BLOSSOMS, an Urban Farming Project, (AB) as FAWCO’s Target Program for 2022-2025: Environment.


    Awesome Blossoms Urban Farming Project is an initiative taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit the negative impacts of climate change. 


    Safe Spaces motto is “I’m the change,” the philosophy is “Each one, Teach one” and the ambition is to Educate, Engage and Empower.


    Target Project 5, Awesome Blossoms, is the culmination of their vision to build a hopeful future for marginalized people as they adapt to climate change and food deserts, and deal with poverty.

    Peninah Nthenya MusyimiFounder of Safe Spaces
    Peninah was the first woman from the Eastland slums to attend university and become an attorney and the only one to become a Kenyan basketball star. Peninah never forgot her roots, returning to the slums in 2008 to start Safe Spaces with a mission: to create a safe space there for girls and young women to learn, develop and grow into strong qualified women who can escape poverty, violence and systematic exclusion and go on to become confident leaders, problem-solvers in their communities and now stewards of the environment.

    Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit the negative impact of climate change

    Provide food security for the community in Nairobi’s Eastland slums

    Train women to care for the environment and provide for their families through hydroponic farming and create self-reliance by helping fund Safe Spaces girls’ education and empowerment programs

    Feed and educate children by providing food for school lunches and educating the children on nutrition, organic gardening and how to care for the environment


    The FAWCO Target Project 5, Awesome Blossoms, will be a model of environmental stewardship by women living in the harshest conditions. The women from Awesome Blossoms will demonstrate that people living in the slums are not victims, but by working together, they can protect their environment, withstand climate change, produce safe foods, and create independence and security.

      Awesome Blossoms: A Safe Spaces Project

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     Edible Fresh Fields for Sustainable Life in the SlumsAwesome Blossoms: Edible Fresh Fields for Sustainable Life in the Slums

    Supporting projects around the world

    By donating to the FAWCO Foundation, you are investing in education, environment, health, and human rights, providing opportunities for those in need and creating a brighter future for all.

    The FAWCO Foundation Matching Grant for Target 5: Awesome Blossoms

    Due to the tremendous generosity of The de Groot Foundation, The FAWCO Foundation is currently offering a matching grant program of up to $10,000 for donations made to Target 5: Awesome Blossoms. Each club is eligible to have up to $1,000 in donations matched. When the funds are gone, the matching grant will end.


    How does it work?

    If a club donates $500, that club will be credited on the Club Donor Wall with a $1,000 donation. If a club donates $1,000, they will be credited with a $2,000 donation.

    A club can make several small donations and have them matched until they reach a total donation level of $1,000 as long as matching funds remain.


    Let’s keep up the great work we’ve already started for Awesome Blossoms and really make your club donation count!


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