Thank You To Our Sponsors...Changing Lives From Their Hearts

    The Foundation recently highlighted the need to raise funds in order to provide more Development Grants and Education Awards with the hope that we can have fewer worthy applicants to turn down.

    When we were brainstorming how to raise awareness of the impact of DGs and EAs on recipients, we wanted to highlight our sponsors who have made these life changing grants and awards possible. The shared thoughts of our donors certainly show us that the impact is significant in both directions- to the giver as well as the receiver. A heartfelt thank you to all of them from the Foundation.

    The Foundation Award, celebrating 50 years of the Education Awards, sponsored by 1993 EA recipient Sami Bitar

    From Sami Bitar:

    My mother, Angela Bitar, was a member of FAWCO in Rome for many years. In 1993 I was awarded a FAWCO Foundation Award in the amount of $4,000 which helped to cover the cost of my graduate studies at Stanford University.  I was very grateful at the time and it really made a difference.

    Now that I have the means to pay it forward, I am happy to do so. I hope that these funds can help a young and promising student fulfill their educational goals in the future.


    Continuing Education Award, sponsored by Mary Stewart Burgher of the AWC Denmark, in memory of Pauline "Pete" Arnold Schweppe

    Mary Stewart Burgher explains:

    I sponsored an award in honor of my mother, Pauline “Pete” Arnold Schweppe, for two reasons. First, I love and miss my mom, and was happy to use part of my inheritance from her to show that. Second, the recipients of the award are doing what my mom did: using education to give a new direction to their lives.

    In the 1980s, my mom found herself newly divorced and with an empty nest, and went back to school to earn a degree enabling her to practice as a psychologist. She worried to a friend, “But, when I finish, I’ll be 55!” and the friend replied, “Pete, you’ll be 55 anyway.” She used her degree to practice, and teach new practitioners, for over two decades. She spent a lot of her later life in mentoring other women in her profession and her church.

    FAWCO members may want to change their lives through further education for the same reason as my mom, or because moving to a new country has stopped their previous careers. As each recipient claims and uses her award, my mom is cheering her on.  


    Dual Cultural Award, partially sponsored in part by Donna Erismann and AWC Bern in memory of Suzanne Erismann

    When asked why she chose to do this, Donna thanked us for the honor of explaining her reasoning! She replied:

    As for my reason of supporting the Dual Cultural Award, I thought it so important to give young people who were born abroad chances to further their education and experience “the American way of life”.  Since I had lost a daughter, I thought it appropriate to make it in her memory.I’ve always been grateful that the Bern Club joined me in this project to help make a bigger impact. I've always enjoyed  hearing from the recipients and hope the experience has enriched their lives. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to me more active in FAWCO in the last years but am approaching 90 and “don’t get around much any more.“ All my best for the next year and my greetings to any who might remember me.


    Sciences Academic Award, partially sponsored by the AIWC of Genoa and the Bacigalupo family,in memory of Frieda Bacigalupo Natali

    AIWC of Genoa preserves and promotes the image, language, and traditions of the United States and explores and increases the appreciation of the cultural riches that Italy offers to our membership.We are proud to preserve the memory of one of our founding members and first female pediatrician in Italy, Freida Bacigalupo Natali along with her two sons through the science award. Our members are happy to know that their hard-working efforts to fundraise will benefit a young person that is interested in helping the future through medicine.


    The Women in Stem and Medicine Member Award in honor of AWA Dubai’s 21 years serving the international community of Dubai

    From Monica Jubaili and Barbara Grub (former AWA Dubai President):

    During the 21 years that the club was active, AWA Dubai raised more than $900,000 for local charities and scholarships. Not only that, the Little Wings Foundation, one of our charities, received a FAWCO Foundation Development Grant in 2011. Unfortunately, in 2014 AWA Dubai had to disband due to government regulations.  With no possibility to distribute the funds already raised prior to dissolving the club, the AWA Board made a decision to donate the money to The FAWCO Foundation, knowing that this would best honor the efforts of AWA's members. The women who made this decision are secure in the knowledge that AWA members would wholeheartedly support The FAWCO Foundation to use those funds to promote the education of women and girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).


    Educating Women and Girls Worldwide Development Grant, partially funded by Renuka Matthews and American Women of the Eastern Province (AWEP)

    Renuka Matthews tells us:

    I have chosen to partially sponsor DGs because this allows me to further the human development goals of FAWCO and support the efforts of others who have designed these projects.  By being a partial sponsor, I seek to encourage other FAWCO members to join me in these efforts where full sponsorship might be too great a financial commitment in a particular year.  I like to focus on educational opportunities for girls and women in traditional societies as I believe that education of girls is the best investment we can make to improve lives, promote equality and create economic opportunities around the globe. My inspiration for giving is my 89-year-old mother who taught me the importance of helping others less fortunate than ourselves — and always with compassion and kindness. I have found fulfillment in all my dealings with the FAWCO community.

    Brigham Young said, “You educate a man; you educate a man.  You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”

     And from the AWEP club representative, Dawn Parker:

    The American Women of the Eastern Province(AWEP) have had a long history of exceptional leaders that paved the way for all of us to follow. We continue their legacy by focusing on our charitable and philanthropic endeavors. Even though our numbers are down our charity continues. We have found it hugely empowering and that makes us feel good. We feel it is our main purpose for existing. It has strengthened our personal values and it introduces our friends and family to the importance of generosity. It truly is better to give than to receive. I encourage all clubs to give it a try. My favorite quote about charity; “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” By Winston Churchill 


    Once again, if you and/or your club would like to be rewarded with the fact that you have made an impact on someone’s life, donate a minimum of $1,000 and your name(s) will be listed as partial sponsors. If you and/or your club donate the full amount of $5000.00, the grant or award will be named as you wish, and the parameters defined by you.

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