FAWCO Representative Information

    Your Role as a FAWCO Representative

    As a FAWCO Representative, you are the essential link between your club and FAWCO, sharing valuable information about FAWCO and The FAWCO Foundation with your own club members. The FAWCO Foundation (the philanthropic heart of FAWCO) offers FAWCO Member Clubs the opportunity to benefit from its Programs.  The Foundation has two primary programs - Development Grants and Education Awards. In addition, there is a calendar of suggested tasks for FAWCO representatives.

    The Development Grant Program offers grants that can aid and impact a charity or community service organization that is supported by a FAWCO Member Club.  The Education Awards are monetary awards available to FAWCO members and their families to assist with educational pursuits.  Additionally, The FAWCO Foundation oversees and actively fundraises for the FAWCO Target Program, currently focusing on Health, as well as other special initiatives such as Matching Grant Programs. 

    The Foundation programs are made possible through the support of donations from FAWCO Member Clubs, individual club members and our generous donors (Friends of The Foundation).

    As a FAWCO Rep, what can you do?

    • Share information about the Foundation’s programs with your club. Publicize this in your club newsletter and on your website.
    • Sign up for the NEWS, The Foundation’s quarterly publication. It’s a great resource for fundraising ideas, conference information and the latest Foundation updates.
    • Encourage your club members to apply for Education Awards. It’s free money!
    • Encourage your club to submit your charitable projects for a Development Grant.
    • Encourage your club to sponsor a Development Grant or Education Award. Clubs can either fully or partially sponsor grants and awards. You may contact our Development Grants Administrator or Education Awards Administrator with specific questions.
    • Consult the Rep Calendar to see what you can be doing every month to stay connected with FAWCO and The FAWCO Foundation.
    • Go to our Fundraising page for some fun and creative ideas on ways your club can donate to The Foundation’s programs. 

    THANK YOU for volunteering your time as a FAWCO Rep!