2024 Education Awards Recipients


    Congratulations to all the recipients of the 2024 FAWCO Foundation Education Awards!

    Academic Awards

    To support the educational endeavors of the children of our FAWCO family

    Arts Award - $4,000 sponsored in part by the family and friends in memory of Jessie Rodell, former President of AWC The Hague, and her son, Quinn Rodell

    Shane McKevittSon of Nicole McKevitt, AIWA Venice
    Shane’s course of study will be a research-led PhD in Film. His project is titled Protector or Predator: Irish Werewolves and Horror Cinema. It’s a theme abundant in Irish literary tradition and folklore. Through the analysis of medieval manuscripts, journals, and academic texts, he will ascertain a clear picture of Irish werewolves, paying close attention to the social, cultural, and religious context that birthed them. His research will conclude with the production of a written thesis and a screenplay.

    Sciences Award - $4,000 sponsored in part by AIWC Genoa and the Bacigalupo Family, in memory of Dr. Frieda Bacigalupo Natali 

    Lauren CederbaumDaughter of Nanci Cederbaum, AWC Basel
    Lauren is fascinated by the human body and has a desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives. This award will support her study in medicine and her ultimate desire to specialize in sports medicine and help athletes return to their profession. Her journey not only embodies a personal calling, but also a commitment to society through the healing power of medicine.

    Humanities Award - $4,000 sponsored in part by AAWE Paris, in memory of Gertrude de Gallaix 

    Sofia PrudencioDaughter of Fabriene Prudencio, AWBS International Women’s Club
    Sofia was raised Brazilian-Bolivian in the US and UK. She has navigated the customs of both developing and powerful nations, witnessing how societies of the Global North and South see themselves and the world, this experience sparked her interest in the integral role culture plays in the evolution of society and its institutions. For this reason, Sophia is pursuing a degree in politics and sociology and is eager to use her degree to actively create supportive innovative inclusive policies.

    Women in STEM - $4,000 sponsored in part by AWC London, Whitney Edwards (AWC London), and FAWCO Members in Honor of Bonnie Garmus for International Literacy Day 2023

    Hannah LeichertDaughter of Alana Leichert, AWC Hamburg
    Hannah knew early on that medicine would be her path. This award will help fund her final practical year in the US gaining experience the healthcare system and getting an insight into American standard procedure in medicine. Upon graduating, she intends to undertake her residency in radiology.

    Non-University Award

    To support the educational endeavors of the children of our FAWCO family

      Non-University and Technical Training Award - $4,000

      sponsored by Whitney Edwards AWC London, in memory of Dr. John H. Hoagland & Carolyn Hoagland 

      Not awarded; no eligible candidates

      Dual Cultural Award

      To support the educational endeavors of the children of our FAWCO family

        Dual Cultural Award - $3,000

        sponsored in part by AWC Bern and Donna Erismann in memory of Susanne Erismann 

        Claudia del PinoDaughter of Karen Tormo Wendel, AWC Madrid
        Claudia looks forward to learning about her US heritage and US traditions which she hasn’t had the chance to do while living in Spain. She believes as an exchange student and living away from her family she will become more independent, know how to make decisions by herself and learn how to relate even better to people.

        FAWCO Member Awards

        To recognize the diverse lives of our members, their achievements, and their never-ending quest for knowledge and self-improvement.

        Shirley Kearney AWC Basel University Study Degree Award - $4,000 

        Alkistis KallinikouAWC Brussels
        Alkistis will use this award for her doctoral research which explores the portrayal of giftedness as a form of “otherness” in children’s and young adult literature. Gifted children are challenged to fit in a society built for the average, but their struggles are not always recognized nor attended. She strongly believes that her research can contribute meaningfully to understanding gifted individuals and their experiences better, fostering a more inclusive landscape.

        FAUSA Skills Enhancement Award - $4,000 

        Deborah LillianAAWE Paris
        Deborah is a hatmaker and will use this award to undertake a professional certificate in millinery, administered by the State University of New York at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology. The subjects she will undertake, include Cold-Weather Headgear, Bridal and Special Occasion Headwear, Contemporary Men’s Hats, and Creative Design.

        The FAWCO Foundation Skills Enhancement Award - $4,000

        Ada MozasAWC Bogotá
        Ada will undertake a course to become a Certified Wellness Coach. As a Registered Nurse, Nutritionist, and lifetime wellness and fitness advocate and practitioner she believes this will round her skill set to effectively communicate with people and help them outline and achieve their personal goals to live their best lives emotionally, physically and spiritually. At the completion of this program Ada will apply for the NBHWC National Board Certification Exam and have the opportunity to earn the designation, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC).

        Continuing Education Award - $4,000 

        sponsored by Mary Stewart Burgher of AWC Denmark, in memory of Pauline "Pete" Arnold Schweppe 

        Nialani GreenAWC Bern
        Nialani is a certified speech-language pathologist this award will help her pay for the tuition for Professional Educators courses in special education and general teaching, through the University of North Dakota. Once completed Nialani will be able to apply for a regular, 5year teaching license and continue providing virtual speech and special education services.

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