Board Appointed Positions



Nan de laubedere








Development Grant Administrator, Nan de Laubadére, AAWE Paris, FAUSA






Shelly 2








Education Awards Administrator, Shelly Schoeneshoefer - AWC Hamburg

Shelly Schoeneshoefer was born in Evergreen, Colorado and has a double degree from the University of Colorado. She attended the Cleveland Art Institute in their program abroad in southern France for one year. Later she met her German husband in Tibet in 1996 and has lived the last 23 years in Hamburg, Germany. She has been very active in the AWCH these past years, holding many different positions. Due to the nature of her husband’s work, she has travelled to many third world countries and has been involved in several projects helping hard to reach local communities. For the past four years, she has been working on selection committees for the FAWCO Foundation Education Awards program and has decisively chosen to take on a bigger role in the Foundation by being the EA Administrator. She is looking forward to meeting many new faces and making friends in FAWCO.