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    Women Backing Women Fundraising Campaign

    Welcome to the Women Backing Women Campaign page!  Here you will find multiple ways for your club to get involved in raising money for the Target Project: S.A.F.E. (Safe Alternatives for Female Genital Mutilation Elimination). From offering beautiful items in the Women Backing Women Boutique, to providing new fundraising Ideas, The FAWCO Foundation 'has your back' in supporting the Target Project.

    The logo for the Women Backing Women Fundraising Campaign was inspired from artwork donated by the renowned French artist, Christian de Laubadere, whose collection of works, "The Necks," depicts the nape of the neck as a powerful symbol of strength and femininity.  This has been a great source of inspiration.  While we have kept the original artwork as our Women Backing Women logo, the wording has been updated to reflect that we are in fact Women Backing Women in the global landscape.

    Every dollar generated through the Women Backing Women Campaign as well as the sale of Women Backing Women products will support our Target Project.


    Ways to Help

    Women Backing Women Donate Button – We are excited to introduce the Women Backing Women Donate Button!  Now supporting the Target Project: S.A.F.E. is as simple as clicking a button!  You can share this with family, friends, club members… the possibilities are endless! 

    Women Backing Women Boutique – We have beautiful new items that will be available for purchase at upcoming Regional Meetings and other events.  In staying with our theme of Women Backing Women, many items are created by women who embrace the FAWCO spirit and donate services such as creating prototypes, set up costs, and more.  Our products make great hostess gifts, prizes and gifts for yourself!  They are the perfect way to spread the word about the Women Backing Women Campaign and Target Project: S.A.F.E.

    Art Donated by Target Chair Tharien van Eck- We all have seen the beautiful artwork created by our Target Chair. Tharien has generously offered to donate all of her profits from the sale of this artwork to our Target Project: S.A.F.E. See Tharien’s artwork and email her at target4-health@fawco.org.

    Club Fundraising Ideas - The FAWCO Foundation provides fundraising ideas for clubs to use.  Everyone always likes to have new fresh ways to FUN-raise!  If you host an exciting new event, please share the details with Julie Lehr, Target Fundraising Coordinator at targetfundraising@fawcofoundation.org and we’ll add it to the list!

    Virtual Fundraising Ideas - The Target Project S.A.F.E. is underway as we know.  Living the quarantine life and social distancing certainly makes it hard to host fundraising events right now, but it doesn't have to be!  Here are a "Baker's Dozen" ideas for Virtual Women Backing Women Fundraising for the Target Project to help your club get started.  Be sure to post pictures from your club's virtual event AND if you come up with a fun idea of your own be sure to share it.

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