2020 Education Award Recipients

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Arts Award     $5000

Recipient:  Phoebe Turner

Phoebe plans to study anthropology and theater, because there are always important and pressing issues to better understand. She learned that refugees have desires and hopes on a level she had never understood before and wishes to learn to convey important and heartfelt messages. Her mother is a member of AWC The Hague.


Sciences Award     $5000   Sponsored in part by AIWC Genoa and the Bacigalupo family, in memory of Frieda Bacigalupo Natali 

Recipient:  Catherine Bessenger

Catherine has applied to study a double bachelor in Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics at the Delft Technical University. Afterwards she plans to pursue a master’s degree in Theoretical Physics or Astronomy. Her mother is member of AWC Antwerp.


Humanities Awards     $5000    Sponsored in part by AAWE Paris, in memory of Gertrude de Gallaix 

Recipient:  Robin Neuhaus

In her final doctoral program year, Robin will work on her dissertation which will examine how research and the media contribute to the emergence and persistence of pervasive messages such as “bullying toughens kids up.” Using search traffic and social media interaction data she will statistically analyze how these messages relate to news events, policy changes, and the publication of research. Then she will conduct interviews with parents from a wide range of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds to explore how these messages are interpreted in other contexts. Her mother is a member of Munich IWC .


Vocational Award  

Recipient: Kaden Scoles

Kaden’s career path has been made possible by a vocational apprenticeship. He is working on his certification as a Logistics Specialist (Logistik Fachmann) and plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management at the Fachhochschule in Basel. He has also been invited to be a representative for CareerWise America which works in partnership with the American Embassy in Bern, Switzerland. His mother is a member of AWC Basel Switzerland



DUAL CULTURAL AWARD   (For Children/Grandchildren of FAWCO members - one Parent/Grandparent must be American)

Dual Cultural Award     $5000   Sponsored in part by AWC Bern and Donna Erismann, in memory of Suzanne Erismann

Recipient: Alisa Kennan

Alisa’s plan is to attend Harvard University’s two-week summer school pre-college program for the “Promises of Regenerative Medicine” course.  She also plans to do a two-week internship on Regenerative Medicine in Dr. John Barker’s lab at Goethe University in Frankfurt. These courses will help her in her interest in helping those suffering from debilitating injuries and understanding how scientists manipulate stem cells. Her mother is a member of AWC Frankfurt Taunus Rhein-Main.



MEMBER AWARDS           (For FAWCO and FAUSA members)

Shirley Kearney University Study Degree Award    $5000

Recipient:  JeviRei Best

JeviRei is currently enrolled in the MA in International Relations program through American University in Washington, D.C. She is concentrating on International Development because she has a background in education and community development programs as well as having been an Education USA Advisor in Rwanda where she assisted students with their post-secondary educational goals. She will use this award to help her to go back to the Philippines for a practicum in which she could help the Child Protection Network develop better monitoring tools. She is a member of the American Women’s Club of Bogotá


Women in STEM     $5000   In Honor of AWA Dubai's 21 years serving the international community of Dubai

Recipient:  Kristin Bayer

Kirstin wishes to continue taking analytical courses in the Bachelor of Sciences Economics program at the Humboldt University in order to qualify for a Master of Economics degree program in Germany. Since a radiocarbon dating lab in America hired her and she has many clients that were climate researchers, she became more interested in the environment and started to think about how she could be a part of the solution to global economic and environmental crises. She is a member of the AWC Berlin.


FAUSA Skills Enhancement Award     $5000

Recipient: Makia Motton Matheis

Makia is currently a licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. She plans to become a certified Theraplay practitioner by attending courses at the Institute in the UK as well as having 28 hours of supervision sessions along with 32 hours of unsupervised sessions in order to achieve this goal. She is a member of AWC Hamburg.


Continuing Education Award     $5000   Sponsored by Mary Stewart Burgher of the AWC Denmark, in memory of Pauline "Pete" Arnold Schweppe              

Recipient:  Jane Joo Park

Jane Joo Park is planning to get her PhD in strategic management. Her club is the American International Women’s Club in Düsseldorf.


A very heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to all of our 2020 Education Award Recipients!

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