Club Fundraising

The FAWCO Foundation is honored to be part of the funding of Development Grants and Education Awards each year.  $2 million has been awarded to charitable organizations around the globe and to FAWCO Members (or family members), allowing them to fulfill their academic dreams. The FAWCO Foundation also supports the FAWCO Target project. The theme for the 2019-2022 cycle is Health.  The most recent project was Hope Beyond Displacement.

None of these projects would exist without your fundraising efforts and support.  As all Foundation programs live and breathe from your donations, this page and its links serve as a resource for your fundraising efforts. 

Your Club's Brand

Establish a clearly defined brand

Creating Business Partnerships

Enlist the support of outside organizations and businesses

Fearless Fundraising

Potential fundraising ideas to get you started!

Fundraising Ideas

Find the perfect event for your club. Each item below provides a link to a document with explanation of the event, and instructions on how to successfully put on this event for your organization.

144 Envelopes

Picture a wall of envelopes numbered sequentially from 1 to 144. The goal of the fundraising drive is to fill each envelope with a currency value corresponding to the number on the envelope:
$1 goes in the envelope marked "1", $50 goes into the envelope marked "50" and so on, all the way up to 144.

144 Envelopes

Drinks & Desserts

Invite club members to join you for a 'tasting' evening of wine and dessert pairings. Attendees will have the opportunity to try multiple pairings!

Drinks & Desserts

Ooops Auction

Perfect for those gifts that you receive, but aren't your taste or interest. Hold this fundraiser in January, to get rid of unwanted holiday gifts, and raise money for your favorite charity.

Oops Auction

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