A Baker’s Dozen of Virtual Women Backing Women Target Fundraising Ideas


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    • Movie: “In the Name of Your Daughter”: Awareness-raising. Grab your coffee or wine and join us on Zoom for a showing of this very powerful film. Have a virtual collection basket. Your club treasurer, or any designated club member, can then transfer the funds to The FAWCO Foundation.
    • Virtual Run for S.A.F.E.: Since many of the girls that S.A.F.E. is helping literally have to run to safety to avoid being victims of FGM, host a virtual race to raise funds for S.A.F.E. Ask your club members to run/walk a certain length, 1k, 3k, 5k, whatever you choose. They can do this on a treadmill, elliptical or even just walking around the dining room table! And of course, they can run/walk outside too! All race fees will be donated to Target. Participants can even get sponsors!
    • Virtual Coffees: Host a virtual coffee and show the video of Rhobi Samwelly that was shown at the Target Project announcement. Have someone from the Target Team join the club to answer any questions. Ask for donations and have a virtual collection basket. Your club treasurer, or any designated club member, can then transfer the funds to The FAWCO Foundation.
    • Virtual Happy Hours: A member of your Target Fundraising Team is happy to come to those! Choose a theme for your Happy Hour (a particular wine region, perhaps). Then open a bottle of your favorite wine and let’s talk Target! We can share Rhobi’s story, answer questions and brainstorm more ideas - always more fun with a glass of wine.
    • Virtual Wine-Tasting: Take the happy hour idea one step further. If you have a specialist in your club, have her identify which wines everyone should purchase; she can then run the virtual wine tasting. Charge a fee for ‘admission” to the tasting. The tasting fees then go to Target.
    • Virtual Cooking Classes: Is there someone you know who could host an African cooking class? There are so many different specialties from around the continent. Choose one and set up your Zoom meeting. Your hostess can either have everyone make the same thing or assign different items to each cook. If everyone makes something different, you have more recipes to share! Do the prep work together and then sit and enjoy the finished product at a virtual “family meal.” Set a fee to join; all registrations fees will go to Target.  Again, have your club Treasurer transfer the funds to The FAWCO Foundation. 
    • Mask Making: Make masks for your club, maybe using fabric with an African motif, and donate the proceeds to Target.
    • Virtual 50/50: Sell raffle tickets to club members. Do the drawing either virtually LIVE or video it and post on your club’s facebook page. You can sell the tickets via email or facebook or create a JotForm or a google form. A member of the Target Fundraising Team will be happy to help! If you have 50 members buy one ticket each for $5/€5, that makes 125 for Target. Easy peasy!
    • Art Sales: If you have artists in your club, have them donate a piece of art. Sell raffle tickets for the art and donate those funds to Target!
    • Virtual Games Night: How about a games night? You can play charades, Pictionary, dice games, canasta, mahjong, whatever you want. The admission fee to the game room is a donation for Target.
    • Virtual Karaoke Night: Is anyone in your club a piano player or does anyone have a karaoke machine that will play the songs? Everyone attending can pull up the words on their phone and sing along, either alone or as a group!  Sing for your supper….and for Target!
    • Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Set up a virtual scavenger hunt to find things online or around your house, backyard or neighborhood. Might even find enough money in your couch to pay the registration fee! Be creative!  Cost of participating can be the donation!


    All of these ideas can be adapted to your club by using Zoom, Google Hangouts, Houseparty, Facebook or any other platform that works for you.

    Your Target Fundraising Team is happy to help.

    Contact Julie Lehr at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or ideas!