Application for Club Charity Support

The Application for Club Charity Support was designed in 2018 when a Member Club asked The Foundation about how the Development Grant Review Committee actually reviewed the DG nominations.

We looked at the DG review materials and adapted it for clubs to use when they are looking to support a charity organization.

The instructions are written out on the very first page. There is no way to go wrong if the steps are followed. Download – Read – Gather – Complete – Scan - Submit.

The project summary may sound like it is a repeat of other sections of the application, and it is. Just as in the DG application, this is the section that your club board will use to introduce the charity to your members. The entire membership does not need to see the entire application. This summary is sufficient, but be prepared to answer questions!

It is helpful to have the organization help you! They have all the information you need. It is almost guaranteed they will be more than happy to help you in the process of getting them money.  It is important that someone in your club be the contact person between your club and the charity.

Use your membership by making a call out to support local charities.

Once you receive the applications, form a committee to review the applications, making sure all needed information is included.

Prepare a presentation for your members that can be put forward at a monthly meeting or your annual general meeting, in your club newsletter or over social media.

After a discussion round, members then vote on the charity of their choice.

AWC Hamburg used the Application for Club Charity Support successfully in January 2019.

Contact Tracy M at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

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