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An Overview -

In 2009, FAWCO and The FAWCO Foundation announced a four-year program that would bring a critical global issue to the attention of FAWCO Clubs, their members, their local communities and the world. The Target Program was born. FAWCO's Target Program offers opportunities for local Clubs to make a global difference by actively contributing toward the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals. By participating collectively in the Target Program, we are able to demonstrate the power of FAWCO Clubs working together toward a common goal through awareness-raising and financial support.

The Target program is comprised of two parts - education/awareness and fundraising.

The 2009-2013 Target Program was focused on the global environmental issues of Water and Sustainability. In addition to raising awareness about the importance of clean water in all the countries where we are represented, our member clubs fundraised specifically for Tabitha Wells for Clean Water, a project in Cambodia.
The water project, which ended in February 2013, was a tremendous success with participation from 78% of member clubs, raising nearly $165,000. Approximately $135,000 went to Tabitha Cambodia Wells for Clean Water while the remainder went to other water projects.

In March 2013, Human Rights for Women – Protecting the Rights and Improving the Lives of Women and Girls Worldwide, was announced as the overarching theme for the 2013-2016 FAWCO Target Program.  Education and awareness focused on women's rights as human rights, specifically in the areas of political empowerment, economic empowerment, peace and security, and ending violence against women.

Member Clubs and individuals raised a total of $172,000 for the selected project, Free The Girls.

The new Target issue, announced at the 2016 FAWCO Interim Meeting in Frankfurt, is Education. This cycle will run until 2019. FAWCO has been focusing on awareness raising over the first year. The winning project was selected from three short-listed finalists. Clubs voted on these proposals and submitted their choices. The winning project, announced at the 2017 conference in Mumbai, was The Collateral Repair Project - Hope Beyond Displacement.  Fundraising for this project will take place over the next two years, ending with the FAWCO conference in 2019. 


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The FAWCO Foundation was created in 1967 and is the philanthropic arm of FAWCO, a network of independent American and international volunteer organizations.  We are a U.S. non-profit corporation, registered in the State of Missouri as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

The FAWCO Foundation supports the philanthropic goals of FAWCO by developing, administering and fundraising for programs that improve the lives of women and children worldwide. 

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