2014 DG Recipients

AW of Surrey Hope Through Education- $4500

Proposal Name: Hope for Haiti’s Kids, Nominated by AWC Bern
Location: Montrouis Haiti
Sponsoring Club’s Length of Affiliation: 4 years
Parent Organization: none
Website: www.hopeforhaitiskids.org
Funding Breakdown: 80% from Grants and 20% private donations
(Summary) Purpose of the Grant: Hope for Haiti’s Kids (HfHK) is a small non-profit organization European based organization that was founded to response to Haiti’s devastating earthquake in January 2010. One of HfHK’s founders had narrowly survived the earthquake while working at an orphanage near Port au Prince. Though forced to leave the country immediately after the tragedy, she was determined to return and continue her work, with the support of the dedicated new organization, and with the goal of starting a school that would serve the many disadvantaged children she’d encountered, children who had little or no access to education, proper nutrition and medical care.
In addition, because many families in Haiti are forced to send their children to orphanages out of poverty, the most important goal was to help keep families intact by providing school meals and free education (schools in Haiti require tuition). HfHK began with a small school of 50 children in a rented home and now, nearly four years later, they run a school in an area 70km north of the capital that serves 180 children and employs 30 local residents. Ecole Mixte Arc-en-Ciel is so much more than a school – it is a chance for these children to have a future. Currently the school offers grades 1 through 5, plus a special-needs class for students of various ages. A sixth grade will be needed in August.
However, the Development Grant will be used for uniforms, student materials and teacher salary & training expenses for the new first grade class.

Pam Dahlgren Educating Africa's Children-$4500

Proposal Name: Mama Norah Education Center, Nominated by AWC Stockholm
Location: Wagwe, Kenya
Sponsoring Club’s Length of Affiliation: 2 years
Parent Organization: The Kenya Project at SSHL
Website: www.kenyaprojektet.se
Funding Breakdown: 100% Private Donations
(Summary) Purpose of the Grant: The Education Center is a school built to educate orphans and extremely poor children in Wagwe Kenya. Presently there are 40 first year preschoolers in the school and 40 more will be admitted for the second year. The FAWCO grant will cover the costs to build the first grade classroom building. The school will be a fully functioning primary school for over 300 students with 10 classrooms and a vocational education center for young adults. Wagwe is one of the most impoverished communities in Kenya where most live on less than a dollar per day. There is no running water or electricity. Hence residents suffer from parasitic infection, malaria and HIV. At present, the government school is substandard and overcrowded. This project alleviates overcrowding while providing the orphaned and extremely poor children the opportunity for a decent education. They receive two meals per day, school uniforms, health checkups and an education in a bright, clean classroom by qualified teachers.
The Organization is The Mama Norah Education Center founded by The Kenya Project at SSHL. The students and staff of SSHL are the main fundraisers and driving force behind the Mama Norah Education. There is no large organization backing this charity. At present the school consists of two classrooms, plus storage and administration offices. 2014 will see the construction of a proper kitchen and maintenance building plus an assembly hall and cafeteria.
The Development Grant will be used to build the first grade classroom, which will be opened in 2015.

FAUSA Water Runs Through It- $4500
Project: The Kenya Project Clean Water Initiative, nominated by AWC Stockholm
Location: Wagwe Kenya
Sponsoring Club’s Length of Affiliation: 2 years
Parent Organization: Kenya Project at SSHL  
Website: www.kenyaprojektet.se
Funding Breakdown: 100 % private donations
(Summary) Purpose of the Grant: The 8000 citizens of Wagwe Kenya get their drinking water from a muddy pond or Lake Victoria. While water is plentiful, it is infested with parasites. Citizens suffer from intestinal infections. Children and the weak die. It is the intention of the Clean Water Initiative by the Kenya Project to install a water filter and pump house to provide clean drinking water for Wagwe citizens. A building is needed to protect the water filter and pump. The project also provides ecological sanitary Eccoloos which are self composting and keep the ground water cleaner. The compost is used for the kitchen garden. The Project also educates citizens on the benefits of clean water and instructs them how to use solar powered water filtration systems.
The Kenya Project at SSHL is a student and faculty run project based on volunteer work. All funds go to the project, 100%. The employees in Kenya are development partners. There is a Manager who will manage the distribution of the clean water fairly through a voucher system. There is a night guard employed whose job it is to protect the water filter and pump.
These items have already been purchased but funds are needed to protect them so the benefits can be enjoyed by all. The Development Grant will provide the funds to construct a pump house and a secure building around the water filter and it will also contribute to the buildings surrounding the Eccoloos, which are self composting toilets.

AWC Shanghai A World of Possibilities-$4500

Proposal Name: Madagascar school run by Ursulinnes nuns, nomnated by AILO Florence
Location: Madagascar
Sponsoring Club’s Length of Affiliation: 2 years
Parent Organization:Istituto Suore Orsoline  
Website: None
Funding Breakdown: 100 % private donations
(Summary) Purpose of the Grant: "Madagascar is a poor island; its eastern side facing the Indian Ocean is hit by monsoon winds that destroy many of the wooden huts of the poor people living there. IVATO centre is on that tormented side of Madagascar. There is no regular electricity, the inadequate number of solar panels provides only a few hours of light.
The nuns take care of 500 children and many people from the surrounding villages. Only some children provide their own food, all the others are fed by the nuns. They feed, educate, cure, and teach the girls basic hygiene. They teach them to be respectful of the environment and this project focusing on clean renewable electrical power will show them environmental sustainability. The Catholic Church provides the nuns’ basic needs, while groups of volunteers support those struggling people by giving money or service.
The nuns go on foot from village to village teaching people how to read and write, how to treat diseases and how to improve rice crops. More light hours would mean more hours of services especially to those coming from the countryside to receive medical care and instruction. This project would be a blessing for many people, especially for the 500 children who will have more opportunities as adults as a result of the environmental sustainable improvements.
The Development Grant will be used to install solar panels to allow children enough light to stay more connected with life, provide power for a refrigerator and possibly a computer.

AWC The Hague Critical Health Concerns-$4500

Proposal Name: Jack & Jill Foundation, Nominated by AWC Dublin
Location: Johntown, Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland
Sponsoring Club’s Length of Affiliation: 2 years
Parent Organization: none
Website: www.jackandjill.ie
Funding Breakdown: 81% General & Corporate donations & 19% Government
(Summary) Purpose of the Grant: To provide home nursing care to brain damaged children up to the age of 4. This nursing care gives families the gift of time. The children needs 24/7 cares and are tube fed which takes up to 22 hours per day. With skilled nursing care families can take a break, knowing that their child is well looked after and secure in the arms of a Jack & Jill Nurse.
The funds will be used to provide direct funding to the families to enable them to purchase home respite care. It will give families a chance at some normality where they can get some sleep, do the grocery shopping or take their healthy children on a trip to the park or the cinema, giving the family a break from the lonely and desperate situation they have found themselves in. Funding Breakdown: 16 Euro per hour for nursing care to provide respite for families.
The Development Grant will provide up to 300 hours of nurse time.

The Coughlan Family Foundation Prevention of Infectious Disease-$4500

Proposal Name:Friedensdorf International, Nominated by AWC Dusseldorf
Location: Cambodia
Sponsoring Club’s Length of Affiliation: 10 years

Parent Organization: none 

Website: www.friedensdorf.de
Breakdown: 100% donations from individuals and organizations 

(Summary) Purpose of the Grant: Friedensdorf Foundation is constructing a maternity and children`s ward next to the public Hospital Rameashek, in the Province Svay Rieng, Cambodia. In this province, 141015 people (72605 women; 2708 children ages under 1 year; 13917 Children between 1 – 5 years) are treated in the public hospital. 
Friedensdorf Foundation has found it critical to build a separate Pediatric/Midwife ward next to the public hospital, specifically for the treatment of Gynecology, Midwifery, Pediatrics, and Infected pediatric treatment for HIV children. Treatment within the public hospital is dangerous due to the threat of diseases, such as Tuberculosis, being transmitted to the healthy mothers and newborn babies. Many mothers give birth far away from medical facilities which often lead to them not getting attention when needed, and unnecessary deaths. The new building will have 2 floors, 10 rooms plus a sanitary-area, to accommodate women while they are waiting to give birth, and then to care for babies and children afterwards. The government of Cambodia has signed a 20 year agreement to provide the doctors, staff and medical supplies necessary to run the clinic, once it has been built. Friedensdorf has built 18 general health stations in the country and will use local contractors and villagers to carry out construction.
The Development Grant will be used to build the waterline and rainwater tank in the Pediatric and Maternity medical facility. The construction began in January 2014 and will last 6-9 months.

American Women of the Eastern Province Skills for Life- sponsored in part  by AILO Florence-$4500

Proposal Name: Amal Women’s Training Center, Nominated by AIWA Marrakesh
Location: Marrakech Morocco
Sponsoring Club’s Length of Affiliation: 1 year
Parent Organization: none
Website: www.drosos.org
Funding Breakdown: 50% Foundation, 45% revenue from restaurant, 5% private donations.
(Summary) Purpose of the Grant: The Amal Women's Training Center gives underprivileged women a chance to learn a marketable skill in the restaurant industry. The women selected are widows, divorced/single mothers, have little/no educational background and often have worked as child maids from the ages of 10-15. Decades later these women are still working underpaid, menial jobs with no benefits. Additionally, the social stigma attached to being a single mother makes it doubly hard for that category of women to find economic stability and social acceptance. At the Amal Center, these women are given a unique opportunity to learn cooking, baking, serving in a real-life setting: the Center operates a fully-functioning restaurant serving up to 100 people daily which supports the women financially during their training. Every 4 months the Amal Center accepts a new class of 10-15 women. The language and life skills workshops are aimed at empowering the women and fostering in them a sense of self-work. At the end of their training, the Amal Center Social worker and Communications coordinator assist them in applying for jobs in the service industry. Currently it takes 2 women 4 hours daily to produce 40+ loaves of whole-wheat bread that is a staple of their diet. An industrial-grade dough mixer and convection oven would greatly reduce the amount of physical labor and time needed, and increase revenue, which means more empowering internships available for underprivileged women.
The Development Grant will be used to purchase professional baking equipment to increase the efficiency of the Amal Center's baking department.

Around the Corner, A World Away, sponsored in part by AIWC Genoa in memory of Carol Bordoni-$4500

Proposal Name: Assertiveness/Self-Defense Training for Victims of Domestic Abuse, Nominated by IWC Munich
Location: München, Germany
Sponsoring Club’s Length of Affiliation: 15 years
Parent Organization: ZIF, Zentrale Informationsstelle
Website: www.frauenhaus-muenchen.de
Funding Breakdown: 100% private donations
(Summary) Purpose of the Grant: Life-threatening violence against women knows no boundaries in terms of place of residence, nationality, education and class. Did you know that 25 % of women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by their current partners. Our goal is to support the women at a local shelter (Frauenhaus) as they move towards a life without fear of violence. Outfitting abused women with tools to put an end to the vicious cycle of violence in their and their children's lives is an important goal to which we are sincerely committed.
The directors of Frauenhaus have identified a highly effective assertiveness/self-defense and personal safety training program (Wen-Do) for the Frauenhaus residents. Learning and practicing physical and psychological self-defense techniques aimed specifically at victims of domestic abuse in a safe environment will give women the necessary confidence to physically protect themselves and their children. As the women transition from Frauenhaus to independent living, these skills will keep them from entering further abusive relationships.
Founded in 1977, Frauenhaus is sponsored and funded by a not-for-profit organization.- Frauen helfen Frauen (Women helping Women). Annually, Frauenhaus serves approximately 75 women and 95 children, representing over 30 nationalities, including refugees and immigrants. The Development Grant funds will cover a two-day assertiveness/self-defense workshop for 20 women and a program for 25 resident children. Expenses include two Wen-Do trainers, their travel costs, four childcare professionals, one children's outing, transportation and food. The workshop will meet in a municipal sports hall, which will be used without charge.


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