Development Grants

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2014 DGs


AW of Surrey Hope Through Education- $4500

Pam Dahlgren Educating Africa's Children-$4500

FAUSA Water Runs Through It- $4500

AWC Shanghai A World of Possibilities-$4500

AWC The Hague Critical Health Concerns-$4500

The Coughlan Family Foundation Prevention of Infectious Disease-$4500

American Women of the Eastern Province Skills for Life- sponsored in part  by AILO Florence-$4500

Around the Corner, A World Away, sponsored in part by AIWC Genoa in memory of Carol Bordoni-$4500

2013 DG Recipients

Development Grant Recipients 2013

The Right to Food and Water -Sponsored in part by FAUSA and the Copley Family

Proposal Name: Amis des Ecoles (Friends of School)
Sponsoring Club and length of Affiliatiion: AIWC/Casablanca, 3 years
Funding: 45% private donations, 30% Fundraisingm 20% Marsa Maroc and 5% Sadhu Vaswani
Purpose of the grant: The objective is to provide rural school children and teachers with better learning environments. One way of reaching this goal is by building water fountains and renovating existing unused toilet facilities in rural schools in the region of Tata, Morocco. 
The toilets allow girls and boys to have a clean, appropriate place to go to the bathroom, reassuring parents that their children will not be forced, through lack of proper toilet facilities, to go outside (in public spaces, in plain view of everyone), during the school day. A lack of toilets or properly built toilets has often pushed the parents to keep their children, especially the girls, out of school.

With this grant, we would be able to help around 1000 children with over 4 water fountains and toilet facilities, providing these school children with the basic human right to clean drinking water and sanitation. 

Critical Health Concerns sponsored partly by AWC Zurich

Proposal Name: The Fistula Foundation, Ethiopia
Sponsoring Club and length of affiliation
: American Women of the Eastern Province, 6 years
Funding: 100% private donations
Purpose of the grant:
A fistula is a hole between a woman’s birth passage and one of her internal organs. This hole develops over many days of obstructed labor or a result of sexual violence from being raped or butchered by bayonets, wood or rifles. Obstetric fistula occurs when the pressure of the baby’s head against the mother’s pelvis cuts off blood supply to tissues in the region. Fistulas result in permanent incontinence of urine and feces. Women are abandoned by their husbands and ostracized by their communities because of their inability to have children and they smell foul. A donation of $4500USD to The Fistula Foundation provides ten women with a fistula repair operation, high quality postoperative care, a new dress and bus fare home. This grant will help ten women regain their dignity, their will to live and know they are an important part of their society.

AW of Surrey Hope Through Education

Proposal Name: SPOSA Child, Negros, Philippines
Sponsoring Club and length of affiliation: ANC of Rotterdam, 3 years
Funding: 100% private and donations
Purpose of the grant:
SPOSA (Save and Protect Our Sexually Abused) CHILD is a 3-person volunteer organization based in The Netherlands who currently raise money to support education for nine abused girls in the province of Negros, The Philippines. This program is part of a larger project called Bantay Bata 163 (BB163) whose agenda includes the rescue and rehabilitation of abused children, educational scholarships, livelihood, community outreach and medical missions. SPOSA CHILD donates an Educational Scholarship Fund that is managed by BB163 and covers costs such as uniforms, books and other school materials, physical education, transport to/from school, meals, and reintegration counseling. The average annual cost is $415 per year, per child. The differentiating factor about SPOSA Child is their long-term commitment to the complete educational lifecycle (the completion of primary and secondary school) to each girl. Currently, six girls have full-time sponsors. 
We believe that with proper education, these traumatized girls, who one day may become mothers, will continue to nurture the correct values and set examples to the next generation of women to realize their full potential. Only in this way can the trauma of sexual abuse be slowly undone. This grant will used to ensure that the remaining three girls (rape and incest victims from ages 7 – 17) will also complete their education.

Pam Dahlgren Educating Africa's Children

Proposal Name: Mama Anakuja, Malinda, Kenya 
Sponsoring Club and length of affiliation: AILO Florence, 4 years
Funding: 100% private donations
Purpose of the grant: The Mama Anakuja Home for the Needy is an orphanage in Kenya caring for orphans and abandoned children from a very young age through their teens, some of them needing health care due to AIDS. The home provides assistance to the local community and encourages the young people to acquire skills to give them a better chance in life. It’s an independent organization with funding provided by friends and supporters.
Mama Anakuja Home helps provide higher education to the children who have completed middle school. Furthering their education will give them the opportunity to have better qualifications in the work field and bring encouragement to the children at the home and in the village. It is necessary for these children to show the way to others and not risk falling back into poverty. It is not only the high school education that is important but the hope that this brings with it.
Without outside help it is very difficult for the Home to envision giving this opportunity to many promising young people. Many of the orphans are extremely bright able learners. It’s a great shame to not offer them a better future. The goal is to give as many children possible the way to lead their brothers and sister out of the plight of poverty. The Grant will be used to pay the necessary secondary school fees for a number of students who show promise and wish to further their education, books, scholastic equipment. The school fees are 800 Euro per year, per student

American Women of the Eastern Province Skills for Life- sponsored in part
by AILO Florence

Proposal Name: Women’s Vocational College at Vision People’s in Mission, Nairobi, Kenya
Sponsoring Club and length of affiliation: AWC Denmark, 4 years
Funding: 58% UK donations, 19% Canadian, 15% Summer Rent Income
Purpose of the grant: VPM is a small local charity, set in a slum area of Nairobi, Kenya, called Korogocho – meaning “Rubbish Dump” in Swahili. There are approximately 2 million people living in an area of 2 km sq, plagued by poverty, substance and alcohol abuse and AIDS, creating many orphans and single parent families. Many women work in prostitution as the only “employment” option available to them. The aim of this project is to fund more young women and teenagers in the vocational training scheme run by VPM, enabling them to get legitimate employment in the textile industry of Nairobi. This will give them new self respect, reduce the level of prostitution, and thus the level of AIDS in Korogocho, and enable more children to grow up with one or both parents, in a healthier and more self sustaining community.
VPM has very limited funding, but now comprises a school for 100 children, a feeding programme for 300 children, an orphanage, a medical center providing basic health care, ante natal and childbirth services, and the vocational training scheme.
The existing scheme has been running successfully for many years, but it is currently limited in scale. The grant will be used to increase the number of women who can access the Vocational Training Scheme. Every woman helped has a significant impact on her family and the others in her extended family, community and enables them to earn an income.

Around the Corner, A World Away, sponsored in part by AIWC Genoa in memory of Carol Bordoni

Proposal Name: Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Dublin, Ireland
Sponsoring Club and length of affiliation: AWC Dublin, 3 years
Funding: 10% Income from Statutory Bodies, 70% Raised Voluntary Income, 2% Legacies and 18% Other Income
Purpose of the grant: The ISPCC’s Childline service is Ireland’s only multi-media listening service for young people up to 18 years of age and is available to every child in Ireland.
Childline is a crucial service, receiving calls relating to abuse, suicide, depression and self-harm; literally matters of life and death. A large number of calls are from children who are experiencing difficulties such as everyday concerns, loneliness, and social isolation. Ultimately if a child reaches out for any help, we must listen.
The ISPCC is the charitable group carrying out this project. The ISPCC is a national organization that exists to end cruelty and injustice to children in all forms –ensuring every child is given the opportunity to experience love, happiness and equal opportunity.
The grant will be used to further develop the ISPCC’s Childline services. It costs approximately €500 to train one Childline volunteer. Thus, $4,500 funding from The FAWCO Foundation grant could cover the cost of training up to 9 more volunteers to work on Childline, answering 13,500 more calls from children to Childline.

The Coughlan Foundation, Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS, Malaria
and Tuberculosis

Proposal Name: Mother’s Adverting Aids- South Africa
Sponsoring Club and length of affiliation:nominated by AILO Florence, 5 years
: individual donations 35%, earned income from sales in the United States of Fair Trade South African art and crafts 60% and 5% from foundations
Purpose of the grant:
Women in Khayelitsha, South Africa face tremendous challenges of extreme poverty, domestic violence, rape, unemployment and skyrocketing AIDS and drug-resistant TB infection rates. Many are sole breadwinners, while others, often at their peril, have been dependent on male support. Mothers Averting AIDS is designed to increase women’s financial independence and promote the mentoring of young girls with the goal of reducing the spread of HIV and TB. This is an expansion of a project originally funded by FAWCO.
The project will be run by Art Aids Art, a US-based nonprofit organization working in Khayelitsha for over 10 years. Activities will take place at eKhaya eKasi, Art Aids Art’s multipurpose center staffed by trained, trusted members from the local community.
Women artisans will receive training in product development, marketing and the fundamentals of operating an independent small business, while earning income from sales of their handcrafts. They will participate in classes to promote health, parenting and life skills, increase awareness of available medical, counseling and other services while building a support network among women. Their daughters will also participate in selected classes to help solidify the mother-daughter bond as partners in healthy, safe decision-making.
The self-sufficiency gained through this program, along with group counseling sessions, will build self-respect and confidence that are deeply needed in individuals who have experienced the trauma of extreme poverty, health instability and physical abuse. The grant will be used to provide training and support for 100 women and girls at eKhaya eKasi in Khayelitsha, South Africa over a 12-month period.

Development Grant Recipients 1997-2015

The FAWCO Foundation

Development Grants have a far-reaching effect. From the smallest villages to the largest cities, your contributions touch the lives of women and children around the globe.

Africa & the Middle East Asia Australia & South Pacific Caribbean, Central & South America Europe

africa map

Africa & the Middle East

  • 1997 - Mfitumukiza Project (for photo tracing of refugee children), Tanzania
  • 1997 - Rural Girls' Literacy Classes in the village of Tinzouline, Morocco
  • 1998 - Association Managré Nooma Pour la Protections des Orphelins (AMPO), Burkina Faso
  • 1999 - Bellhouse Academy, Kenya; Philani Nutrition Centres, South Africa
  • 1999 - Women's Center, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • 2000 - Nyapea Hospital, Okoro County, Uganda,
  • 2000 - Horizons Ouverts (Village Schools), Morocco
  • 2000 - Monze Mission Hospital, Zambia; Tailor Training Project, Kenya
  • 2001 - Chivuna Mission Rural Health Center, Zambia,
  • 2001 -Women's Center of Azzib, Morocco
  • 2002 - Girls of the Maqattam Garbage Settlement, Egypt
  • 2002 - Kezakimana ("Children of Love"), Burundi
  • 2003 - Hope House Babies Home, Kenya
  • 2003 - Mkombozi Center for Street Children in Moshi, Tanzania
  • 2003 -  Cecily Eastwood Zambian Aids Orphan Appeal, Zambia
  • 2004 - Action for Children Soldiers,  Democratic Republic of Congo
  • 2004 - Malawi Orphan Support Project, Malawi
  • 2005 - Obstetric Fistula, Mali
  • 2005 -  Prevalence of Malnutrition, Tanzania
  • 2005 -  Support Children's Literacy, Madagascar
  • 2005 - Kugeria Women Water Project, Kenya
  • 2006 - Hope’s Promise Orphan Ministries, Namibia
  • 2006 - Ol Malo Eye Project, Kenya
  • 2006 - Commund de Lubumbashi Orphanage, Republic of Congo
  • 2007 - The Lambs Project in Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso
  • 2007 - Korogocho HIV/AIDS Home Care Center, Kasarani Nairobi, Kenya;
  • 2007 - Women’s Hope International, Chad and Ethiopia
  • 2007 - Arche de Noe, Bujumbura, Burundi
  • 2007 - Integrated Bio Farming Technologies for the Blind and Handicapped Sebeta, Ethiopia
  • 2007 - Batsiranai Craft Project, Zimbabwe
  • 2008 - The Primary School Project in Assumer, Morocco
  • 2008 - Angels of Hope Peaceful Home for Children located in Nairobi, Kenya
  • 2008 - Grandma-2-Grandma, Tanzania, East Africa
  • 2008 - Women for Girls-The Mill Project, Mbousnakh, Senegal
  • 2009  -  Kibarani Dump Site Children in Knebel, Kenya
  • 2009-  Mama Anakuja – Home for Needy Children in  Malindi, Kenya
  • 2009 - The Mercy Children’s Centre in  Bumala, Western Kenya
  • 2009 -Amani School Classroom and Fence in Kenya
  • 2010 - Oyani Village, Kenya
  • 2010  - Fistula Foundation, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • 2010-  School Aid, Johannesburg, South  Africa
  • 2010 - Teachers without Borders, South Africa
  • 2010 - Mothers Averting Aids, Khayelitsha, South Africa
  • 2011 - Little Wings Foundation, Midlde East/North Africa
  • 2011- Hodi Peace Cents, Marsabit, Kenya
  • 2011- HIV AIDS Awareness, Uganda
  • 2012- Blindness Prevention Program, Ethiopia
  • 2012- Feeding Education, Kenya
  • 2012- Thanda Children’s Librarym KwaZula-Natal, South Africa
  • 2012- Womens for Girls, Senegal, West Africa
  • 2013- Amis des Ecoles,  Tata Region, Morocco
  • 2013-  Mama Anakuja, Malindi, Kenya
  • 2013-  Fistula Foundation, Addis Adaba, Ethiopia
  • 2013 -Womens Vocational College, Nairobi, Kenya
  • 2013- Mothers Averting AIDS, Khayelitsha, South Africa
  • 2014-Mama Norah Education Center, Wagwe, Kenya
  • 2014- The Kenya Project Clean Water Initiative,  Wagwe Kenya
  • 2014- Madagascar school run by Ursulinnes nuns
  • 2014 Amal Women’s Training Center, Marrakech Morocco
  • 2015- Preventing a Lost Generation- Sending Refugee Children to School,Jordan
  • 2015- Project Mwangi  Location: Kenya
  • 2015- Trees Grow in the SahelLocation: Senegal

asia map


  • 1997 - SEWA (Socio-Economic Welfare Action for Women in Nepal), Nepal
  • 1997 - Youth Action for Sustainable Development, Nepal
  • 1997 - Fatima Self-Help Center, Thailand
  • 1999 - Ripples and Rainbows, India
  • 2001 - Maiti Nepal, Nepal
  • 2001 - School for Girls in Upper Mustang, Nepal,
  • 2001 - Punjabi Hospital Maternal Health Project, India
  • 2002 - Vincente Maria Children's Home, India
  • 2002 - SANKALP ("A firm resolve") India
  • 2002 - Hope For the Hopeless (CCD), Thailand
  • 2003 - Frauenhascha (Refuge for Single Mothers with Tents), Mongolia
  • 2004 - Wells For Life, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia
  • 2006 - SOMA Home for Girls, India
  • 2006 - Monimala, India
  • 2007 - Silk of Hope Project - Women Bearer of Traditions, Cambodia
  • 2008 - Heart to Heart, Shanghai, China
  • 2010 -Tusarang Nunnery School Mustang, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
  • 2011- Water for Mentawaim Sumarwea Utara, Indonesia
  • 2011-  Eden Womens Ministry, Shanghai, China
  • 2011- Coming Home, Morning Tears, China
  • 2013- Associazione Fabio Jonathan Onlus, Sri Lanka
  • 2014- Friedensdorf International, Cambodia
  • 2015- Azizas CoffeeLocation: Cambodia

Australasia map

Australia & South Pacific

  • 2004 - Literacy for Indigenous Women in Southern Mindanao, Philippines
  • 2008 - Scholarship Fund for Girls, Manila, the Philippines
  • 2013 -Negros, Philiipines

South America

Caribbean, Central & South America

  • 1998 - Amazing Grace Project (home for disabled children), Antigua
  • 2002 - Children of Cali, Colombia
  • 2005 - Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Antigua & Barbuda
  • 2006 - Fundación Amigos de Jesus y Maria, Colombia
  • 2006 - Los Cimientos Alliance Women’s Project, Guatemala
  • 2011 -Proyecto DeVida, Bogata, Columbia
  • 2014- Hope for Haiti’s Kids, Montrouis Haiti
  • 2015- Kids Support Groups  
Location: Brazil 



  • 1997 - AMICA, for refugee women and children in Tuzla, Bosnia
  • 1997 - DESA, for refugee women in Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • 1998 - Kurdish Women's and Children's Refugee Center, Greece
  • 1998 - Stiichting Charité (Children in Need), Chernobyl disaster victims, Ukraine
  • 1999 - Tsimbalina Children's Hospital, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 1999 - Operation Angel (a humanitarian health center and pharmacy), Albania
  • 2000 - Nuevo Amanecer, Madrid, Spain
  • 2003 - Ostrov Shelter- Social Patrol, Russia
  • 2004 - Children of a Lesser God Outreach, Moldova
  • 2004 -  Ojos Del Mundo (Eyes of the World), Madrid
  • 2006 - Radio Studio 88 Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • 2008 -Mayday! Mayday! Carei, Romania
  • 2008 - Food for Refugees, Athens, Greece
  • 2009 - Pension Villa Mariain  Bern, Switzerland
  • 2009- Training for Work,Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks UK
  • 2009- Five Loavesin Wicklow, Ireland
  • 2010- Spread The Sunshine, Moscow, Russia
  • 2012 - Ruhama, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2012 - Center for Abandoned & Disabled Children Athens, Greece
  • 2013- Irish Society for the Prevention & Protection of Children, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2014- Jack & Jill Foundation, Johntown, Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland
  • 2014- Assertiveness/Self-Defense Training for Victims of Domestic Abuse, München, Germany
  • 2015- Prevention Center for Family & Marital Violence, Belgium



2012 Development Grants

foundation logo2012 Development Grants

In 2012 The FAWCO Foundation is offering seven (7) categories of Development Grants, each in the amount of $4,500.  The Grant categories are as follows:

Link to 2012 DG Nomination Form and Guidelines

CRITICAL HEALTH CONCERNS in memory of Charlton Eric Burns, sponsored in part by Arline and Charles Coward and AWC of The Hague

Projects providing medical treatment, diagnostic services, preventative care or medical counseling


sponsored in part by FAUSA

Projects addressing the basic needs of a community by providing water, food or shelter



Projects promoting literacy, support academic studies, build or provide classrooms, libraries or general learning facilities for disadvantaged children in Africa



Projects promoting literacy, support academic studies, build or provide classrooms, libraries or general learning facilities for disadvantaged children in non-African countries


sponsored in part by AILO Florence

Projects providing vocational training, teach practical skills and promote social entrepreneurial initiatives
for at-risk/marginalized population groups



Projects addressing the critical problems of violence, food and shelter, healthcare, education or cultural
understanding in a FAWCO Member Club’s host country



Projects that will assist in halting and reversing the spread HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, 
a UN Millennium Goal, through education, prevention, or treatment


Development Grants - An Introduction

The FAWCO Foundation Development Grants - an Introduction

The FAWCO Foundation Development Grant Fund is a dynamic program which
financially assists projects that are passionately supported by FAWCO Member

FAWCO Member Clubs have been aiding worthy and reputable charitable
projects throughout the world through The FAWCO Foundation for over 40 years.
Some clubs are working “hands-on” with their projects, others making donations
of goods or financial contributions.



The deadline to submit nominations is Jan 8, 2016

Education: For projects which promote literacy, support academic studies, build or provide classrooms, libraries or general learning facilities for disadvantaged children. The Pam Dahlgren grant is specifically for the geographical area of Africa.

AW of Surrey Hope Through Education

Pam Dahlgren Educating Africa's Children

Environment: For projects promoting the responsible use of the environment to provide for the basic needs of a family or community.

Mother Earth, sponsored in part by AC Shanghai

Health: For projects providing medical treatment, diagnostic services, preventive care or medical counseling. This can include but is not limited to cancer, HIV/AIDS, other diseases, the critically ill, the disabled, the aged, medical transport, special needs and maternal health for mothers and children.

The Coughlan Family Foundation’s Support in Sickness and Health

Critical Health Concerns, sponsored in part by Renuka Matthews

Human Rights: For projects which provide vocational training, teach practical skills and promote social entrepreneurial initiatives for at-risk/marginalized population groups and for projects addressing the critical problems of violence, food and shelter, healthcare, education, poverty, advocacy, human trafficking, prostitution, refugees or cultural understanding in a FAWCO Member Club’s host country or the world.

Breaking the Cycle, sponsored in part by AWEP and AILO Florence

FAUSA Displaced Women and Children

Safe Haven



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The FAWCO Foundation was created in 1967 and is the philanthropic arm of FAWCO, a network of independent American and international volunteer organizations representing private-sector American citizens overseas. FAWCO consists of over 64 clubs throughout the world.

The Foundation’s sole purpose is to aid charitable, educational and scientific programs that are the passion of FAWCO and its member clubs. We are a US non-profit corporation, registered in the State of Missouri as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

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