2014 Frequently Asked Questions About Education Awards

Q graphicWho is eligible to apply for FAWCO Foundation Education Awards?

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Children of FAWCO Club Members and FAUSA are eligible to apply for Academic & Dual Cultural Awards. If you are the child of a member of an expatriate organization, you may be eligible. See the FAWCO website (www.fawco.org) to confirm your parent’s club supports FAWCO.

Members of FAWCO Clubs and of FAUSA are eligible to apply for Member Awards.

For both types of awards, the FAWCO/FAUSA Club Member must have been a member in good standing of the FAWCO Club for at least one year as of the application deadline date. For 2014 Awards, members should have joined their FAWCO/FAUSA clubs on or before January 24, 2013.

For more information, see 2014 FF Education Awards Application Instructions

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How do I apply?

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Send your completed application, plus all required documents, via email to by January 24, 2014. Requirements include:

-Paid US$25 Non-Refundable Application Fee (www.fawcofoundation.org, Click ‘Donate’)

-Completed Correct Application Form (Either Academic & Dual Cultural Award Application or Member Award Application), including:

-Passport-sized photo
-Proof of Payment of US$25 Non-Refundable Application
-Biographical essay-Plan of study essay
-Academic Achievements [Not required for Member Awards]
-Non-Academic Achievements [Not required for Member Awards]
-Signed Declarations from Applicant, Parent & FAWCO Club official

-Test Scores for any standardized university-preparatory tests [Not required for Dual Cultural Award or Member Award applicants]

-Two-Year Transcript, incl. Fall 2013, including grading explanation and equivalents [Not required for Member Awards, unless award is for continuing study]

-Two Letters of Recommendation signed and emailed DIRECTLY from the teacher/professional to .
-One from a teacher, professor or professional colleague
-One from a professional person who is not a member of your family.

The application process is explained in the 2014 FF Education Awards Application Instructions.

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Can I submit my letters of recommendation along with my application?

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No, Letters of Recommendation must be emailed directly from the teacher/professional to the Awards Administrator at . Letters should be signed.


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I am already studying at university. Am I eligible to apply?


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The 2014 Awards are for study in the 201-2015 school year and may include summer 2014 study beginning after the Spring 2014 term. You must have at least one year (two semesters) remaining in your studies to be eligible for an award.

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I have concerns about paying the application fee online. Is this a secure way to pay? Can I just send a check?


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The easiest way to pay your US$25 application fee is using the PayPal link on the FAWCO Foundation website, It is perfectly secure. There is no risk to your personal information or finances.

- Go to www.fawcofoundation.org
- Click on 'Donate' in the upper right-hand corner
- On the next page, Click the 'Donate' button under the heading 'Awards' (right-hand side of page)
- You will be directed to PayPal. You may use your PayPal account or a credit card

If you are unable to complete this online application, please contact the Awards Administrator at

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Do my test scores and transcripts have to be ‘Official Copies’ sent to the Awards Administrator by the testing agency or the institution?


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No. You can include an electronic copy of the official results that the testing agency or institution sent to you.

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How can I submit my application via email if I don't have a scanner


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Please note that most home computers also make scans. Take your completed package to a copy services company such as FedEx, Kinkos, Copy Top or similar place. They usually provide this type of service.
When scanning documents, please make sure the scanner is set to Black/White documents (100 dpi)
This will limit the size of the resulting file and facilitate sharing the files with the selection committee.


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