The FAWCO Foundation Development Grants - an Introduction

The FAWCO Foundation Development Grant Fund is a dynamic program which
financially assists projects that are passionately supported by FAWCO Member

FAWCO Member Clubs have been aiding worthy and reputable charitable
projects throughout the world through The FAWCO Foundation for over 40 years.
Some clubs are working “hands-on” with their projects, others making donations
of goods or financial contributions.

For 2015

AW of Surrey Hope Through Education- $4500
For projects that promote literacy, support academic studies, build or provide classrooms, libraries or general learning facilities for disadvantaged children in non-African countries
Pam Dahlgren Educating Africa's Children-$4500
For projects that promote literacy, support academic studies, build or provide classrooms, libraries or general learning facilities for disadvantaged children in Africa

FAUSA Water Runs Through It- $4500
For projects that promote the responsible use of water to provide for the basic needs of a community.
AWC Shanghai A World of Possibilities-$4500
For projects that promote non-water focused environmental sustainability, such as women in agriculture, crop rotation, re-forestation, etc.

Critical Health Concerns- fully sponsored by an anonymous FAWCO member club-$4500
For projects that provide medical treatment, diagnostic services, preventative care or medical counseling
The Coughlan Family Foundation Prevention of Infectious Disease-$4500
For projects that will assist in halting, reversing and preventing disease such as malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS and others.

Human Rights:
American Women of the Eastern Province Skills for Life- sponsored in part by AILO Florence-$4500
For projects that provide vocational training, teach practical skills and promote social entrepreneurial initiatives for at-risk/marginalized population groups
Around the Corner, A World Away, sponsored in part by Julie Mowat, Laurence and Margaret Hilditch and AIWC Genoa in memory of Carol Bordoni-$4500
For projects addressing the critical problems of violence, food and shelter, healthcare, education or cultural understanding in a FAWCO Member Club’s host country.


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Who We Are

The FAWCO Foundation was created in 1967 and is the philanthropic arm of FAWCO, a network of independent American and international volunteer organizations representing private-sector American citizens overseas. FAWCO consists of over 64 clubs throughout the world.

The Foundation’s sole purpose is to aid charitable, educational and scientific programs that are the passion of FAWCO and its member clubs. We are a US non-profit corporation, registered in the State of Missouri as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

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