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sponsored in part by Arline and Charles Coward

map of EthiopiaNameBlindness Prevention Cataract Surgery Program
Location:  Ethiopia
Sponsoring Club & Length of Affiliation:  AWC Zurich, 3 years
Parent Organization:  Bioeconomy Africa (BEA)
Website:  www.bioeconomyafrica.org
Funding Breakdown:  100% private donations

Purpose of the Grant:
Blindness is a debilitating disease for anyone. For the Third World poor, it is often a death sentence.  Ethiopia has one of the world’s highest rates of blindness, with 4 million people suffering blindness or severely impaired vision.  The most common causes are cataracts and trachoma. Simple eye cataract surgery which eliminates blindness caused by cataracts is readily available throughout the developed world.  But in developing countries, where sight is crucial to an individual’s survival, cataract surgery is beyond the means of many patients. The Blindness Prevention Cataract Surgery Program (in collaboration with Emmanuel General Hospital in Asella, Ethiopia) provides free cataract surgeries to those in need. Staffed primarily by volunteers, including caring doctors who volunteer their skills, the program also educates local community members on proper eye care and hygiene to prevent trachoma, the second leading cause of blindness in Ethiopia.

The Blindness Prevention Cataract Program consists of a team of doctors and volunteers who organize everything from transportation to surgery to post-operative care to community education. The umbrella organization is Bioeconomy Africa. Its objectives are focusing on food security, training, environmental restoration, human health improvement and blindness prevention in Ethiopia.

The DG will fund the cost of cataract surgeries for approximately 38 people, including the cost of patient transportation and a one-day hospital stay. The funds will also be used to purchase surgical instruments, medicine, intraocular eye lenses for each patient for those living remotely from the hospital. Doctors perform the operations free. Give vision, save a life.



Feeding KenyaNameFeeding Education
Location:  Kenya
Sponsoring Club & Length of Affiliation: AIWC of Genoa, 3 years
Parent Organization:  East Africa Center for the Empowerment of Women and Children
Website:  www.eastafricancenter.org
Funding Breakdown:  63% individual contributions, 7% grants, 7% corporate giving & 23% services offered

Purpose of the Grant:  The feeding education project is the construction of a well to irrigate and plant a 3-acre farm adjacent to Vutakaka Junior School.  Vutakaka Junior School provides 240 students with high quality primary education (including lunch).  The lunch program costs $5000/year, money that is raised through small donations from individual donors.  The feeding education project is meant to create a more sustainable school that can continue to serve the needs of the children.

The 3-acres will be planted as follows: two acres will be used for maize and bean production with one harvest per year following the rainy season.  The remaining one acre will be irrigated used for greens, tomatoes, onions, and carrots year round. Construction of the farm includes digging a well, building a more secure fence, clearing the land, and installing an irrigation system, updating the kitchen, including running water and a low cost computer for students to manage the garden. The East African Center for the empowerment of women and children is a non-profit organization registered in the US and Kenya.  The EAC runs education and health programs in Takaungu, Kenya.  The current programs include a nursery and primary school, health clinic, community, school health education program, and an adult education class.  

The $4500 from the FAWCO development grant would be used for additional land clearing, fences, irrigation, seeds, hoses, water connection to a kitchen, and new stove to cook school lunches, tools, fencing, and labor to complete the above.



DG LogoNameAssociazione Fabio Jonathan Onlus – A school in Sri Lanka
Location:  Sri Lanka
Sponsoring Club & Length of Affiliation: AILO Florence, 1 year
Parent Organization:  Associazione Fabio Jonathan Onlus
Website:  www.fabiojonathan.org
Funding Breakdown:  80% fundraisers, 15% donations, 5% membership
Purpose of the Grant:
The project is about partially financing the building of a school that will teach English and Computer skills to poor children in Sri Lanka. The school is already functioning in a provisional, rented place. The school is completely free and integrates the teachings of the regular public school that doesn’t supply the necessary teaching for a global instruction.

The organization was founded by Ms. Paolieri who lost her only child in 2005. She had been visiting the country with her son and after his death she had the idea of Chan Nel Ling her grief into something useful. The idea of a free school for children was born. The organization is independent, recognized as an Onlus - Organizzazione Non Lucrativa di Utilita' Sociale (Italian social organization) - by the Italian government and steps have been taken to get an official recognition in Sri Lanka as well.

The grant will be used to partially finance the building of the roof with priority given to the patio and library roof.  The library will be open to the students but also to the community, in order to supply more knowledge to the local children. The patio is the heart of the building where children read and study, and where the community can meet together for whatever occasion.


Thanda LibraryNameThanda Children’s Library
Location:  KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Sponsoring Club & Length of Affiliation:AW Surrey, 4 yrs
Parent Organization:  Orphans against Aids
Website:  www.orphansagainstaids.org
Funding Breakdown:  Thanda Zulu 10%, Thanda after School 10%, Thanda Orphans against Aids 45%, & Thanda UK 35%
Purpose of the Grant:
Thanda After-School supports 325 orphans of AIDS and other vulnerable children through daily after-school programs in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Thanda After-School supports 325 orphans of AIDS and other vulnerable children through daily programmes in rural Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Thanda has recently constructed the Thanda library for children and youth.
There are no books in the homes of orphans living in the local rural community. As a result, reading and learning are not promoted from a young age. Children struggle in school because they are not able to practice reading and they cannot conduct research.

Thanda’s library will change the future of the community by making books accessible to all children, running story times and development workshops. Children in school can access the books anytime and Post-High School youth will use the library to continue their education, complete correspondence university courses, and work together to establish new community projects. Thanda needs a librarian to supervise the children, conduct activities, and organize this library so that it can be available to children seven days a week. Thanda also needs bookshelves, tables, chairs, and an encyclopedia set in order for the library to become fully operational. By promoting reading and learning, education is going to make a real change in this community.

The FAWCO DG would provide the necessary furnishings of the library and resources (encyclopedia, books, computer, and chalkboard) and the staff to make it operational & accessible to the community 7 days a week.  So it is the wish list that makes it all possible

sponsored in part by AILO Florence

Ruhama logoNameRuhama
Location:  Dublin, Ireland
Sponsoring Club & Length of Affiliation: AWC Dublin, 4 years
Parent Organization:  none
RuhamaWebsite:  www.ruhama.ie
Funding Breakdown:  Dept of Justice 31%, Health Service Executive 17%, Drug Task Force 13%, Donations 39%
Purpose of the Grant:
The funding is being sought to help women who are abused, excluded and marginalized to grow and prosper. Ruhama has over twenty years experience working directly to support women affected by prostitution, operating from the principle of respect for the dignity and human rights of women and their right not to be objectified and exploited. Ruhama provides a range of comprehensive services to meet the broad range of experiences of women affected by prostitution. Services include: Emergency accommodation, practical assistance, Outreach to women in street prostitution, Befriending, Individual casework support & advocacy, Career Guidance and Development & Training. Ruhama is the only organization in Ireland actively helping this group of women from desperate circumstances to rebuild their lives and those of their children. If women do not help other women, who will?  We hope that FAWCO will see our clients' pain and feel their needs to become functioning members of Society. The grant funds will be used towards supporting basic needs of Ruhama’s client group. This is a critical lifeline to those who have nothing.
•    Clothing
•    Bus/training tickets to enable women access counseling, support and training opportunities.
•    Funding for training courses for women.
•    Food and toiletries
•    Basic household essentials for women setting up independent living.
•    Supplies for Ruhama’s outreach van
In a year Ruhama can help over 200 women improve their self-esteem, develop and attain positive goals for their futures and FAWCO can be a part of this.



map of GreeceNameCenter for Abandoned & Disabled Children (KAAPAA)
Location:  Athens, Greece
Sponsoring Club & Length of Affiliation: AWO Greece, 10 years
Parent Organization:  Greek Ministry of Health
Website:  www.yyka.gov.gr
Funding Breakdown:  100% State funding
Purpose of the Grant:
The main purpose of this project is to provide a center addressing the need for further education and recreation for the abandoned and disabled children of KAAPAA (A state institution under the auspices of the Ministry of Health.) Unfortunately, the quality of services provided from the state has deteriorated due to the crisis in Greece, not allowing the children to fulfill their full potential. The State only provides sparse accommodations, food and health care.  The group carrying out the project is called TANDEM. They are an NGO charity with a group of 60 young volunteers working on improving the quality of life of these children, addressing their day to day needs in cooperation with the state.

The renovation of the structure was funded by the Mattel Children’s Foundation and the FAWCO DG will be used to furnish and equip an educational/activity center with the ward for a physio-therapy room, a cinema room a recreation room, a library/arts and crafts room, a play therapy and music room and a gym for training for the Special Olympics. The children are deprived of their right to the best possible education at a very crucial age in their development.  This grant will allow the children a more stimulating environment that will help them evolve to become more independent and hopefully break out of the public care system to become part of the society instead of sitting on the outskirts of it.


sponsored by the Coughlan Family

womenfor girls logo

NameWomen for Girls – Comprehensive and Integrated Causerie Project
Location:  Senegal, West Africa
Sponsoring Club & Length of Affiliation:  AWIC of Genoa, 5 years
Parent Organization:  Women for Girls
Website:  www.womenforgirls.org
Funding Breakdown:  75% personal finances, 10% Italian tax donation, 5% friend’s contribution, 5% Senegal Artisan sales, 5% fundraiser luncheons
Purpose of the Grant:
The comprehensivwomen for girlse and integrated Causerie project reaches illiterate families and youth in Dakar slum areas that are trapped by poverty.  The residents are hungry to learn about preventing HIV infection.  Often, these are considered the “hard to Reach” but, they are not. Women for Girls know how to reach them.  Project goals: 
1.     Provide important life saving information to the entire community , mainly youth, Topics:  awareness of Human rights; violence prevention, gender education for men;  HIV/AIDS / STI /Malaria/ Tuberculosis prevention, & recognizing exploitation.
2.    Identify child-headed households and high risk youth for exploitation by drug traffickers and pimps or girls destined for early marriages.
3.    Select 20  girls who are not in school and work with their families to get them in school;WFG coordinator, Aminata Kouta (Senegalese), established partnerships in Dakar with community schools, and health centers.  Under WFG leadership these organizations will offer support and assistance.

The FAWCO grant will be used for transportation fees, $230, material development, $1550, for art supplies, hire local artists to draw & paint Causerie themes. They will also purchase a carrying case to protect their art work and have their art work laminated.  The coordinator’s salary will be paid for one year, $720. The opportunity of an elementary education for 20 girls is $ 2,000.  A Causerie with visual aids, stories and theater is the most effective way to teach and protect uneducated and illiterate people who are dying to learn life-saving information.  They will have dreams and be full of hope.


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