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sponsored in part by AWG Paris

Little Wings PictureName:  The Little Wings Foundation
Location:  Middle East/North Africa
Sponsoring Club: American Women of the Eastern Province
Sponsoring Club’s Length of Affiliation:  2 years
Parent Organization:  The Little Wings Foundation
Website:  www.thelittlewingsfoundation.org
Funding Breakdown: 100% Donations

Purpose of the Grant: The Little Wings Foundation (LWF) provides surgical care to children living in the Middle East/North Africa who suffer with congenital or acquired deficiencies to their limbs. This is accomplished by surgical missions that provide complex orthopedic reconstruction to limb deformities in communities with no access to appropriate healthcare. These missions also provide training opportunities for local healthcare staff, as often they lack the resources to access continuing education.

Patients are screened by a team of health care professionals. Children receive appropriate surgery at the mission site or, for very complex situations, surgical care is received in the UAE or other partnering European countries. The LWF covers all medical, surgical, postoperative equipment and travel expense for the children having surgery. The LWF was created by Dr. Marc Sinclair, a U.S. trained pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Other healthcare professionals volunteer their services for free, receiving neither salary nor incentives.  The LWF partners with the Palestine Children Relief Fund and the Oasis Hospital in Al Ain, UAE, run by Cure International, a U.S. based charity.  LWF is registered as a charitable company in the U.K. and endorsed by the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

The grant will be used to fund surgical procedures and the medical needs of children in the Middle East/North Africa suffering from musculoskeletal deformities.  In addition, for those children needing more sophisticated treatments in the UAE or one of the other European partnering hospitals, the funds will be used to defray travel expenses.


mentawai mapName:  Water for Mentawai (Yayasan Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Universal)

Location:  Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

Sponsoring Club: AWG Languedoc-Roussillon
Sponsoring Club’s Length of Affiliation:  3 years
Parent Organization:  none

Website:  www.ybtiuniversal.org
Funding Breakdown:  100% donations

Purpose of the Grant:  The water for Mentawai project will provide water storage tanks for a permanent supply of uncontaminated water in a village where no tap water is currently available.  Diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, and typhus are common but could be reduced by providing clean water.  Skin problems caused by walking in the mud during the rainy season without having clean water for bathing, and by using irrigation water from padi fields for washing could also be avoided.

This project is an extension of the program by YBTI Universal, a not-for-profit organization, to build learning centers in remote areas in the Mentawai Islands of western Sumatera and train teachers for these centers, drawing on the population of the communities where they are located.  YBTI has built housing facilities for the teachers in the learning centers, and a dormitory for children who come from remote villages to study in the center in South Siberut.

The DG funds would be used to purchase and install five water storage tanks to replace reservoirs built by YBTI which were damaged by the 2010 earthquake, whose epicenter was near the Mentawai Islands.  YBTI has installed 300 meters of pipes to bring water from a mountain spring to the dormitory, but storage tanks are needed to replace the cracked reservoirs, and provide a permanent supply of uncontaminated water. The DG would help to provide a constant supply of clean water not just for the dormitory but for the 700 residents of the village where the dormitory is located.


Hodi PictureName:  Hodi Peace Center – Shoot to Score, Not to Kill

Location:  Marsabit, Kenya

Sponsoring Club: AWC Bern
Sponsoring Club’s Length of Affiliation: 2 years

Parent Organization:  Horn Africa Development Initiative
Website:  www.hodiafrica.org
Funding Breakdown:  100% private donations

Purpose of the Grant: “Shoot to Score, Not to Kill,” is an initiative in war-torn Marsabit, Kenya to rescue, rehabilitate child soldiers and protect young girls from forced marriages. Dwindling natural resources, namely water, is the source of conflict in northern Kenya. Young men and boys are recruited to fight in tribal conflicts and girls are routinely kidnapped for marriage. After a massacre in 2005, in which over 100 women and children were killed, the Horn of Africa Development Initiative (HODI) began its “Shoot to Score…” peace building initiative. HODI chose to use the country’s favorite sport, football, as its peace building instrument. The condition that teams would be composed of players, who would otherwise be enemies on the battlefield, was initially met with resistance. The peace movement has steadily grown to currently over 250 teams with over 4500 youths, including girls, ages 7 – 25, across Kenya and Ethiopia. In addition to football skills, youths are trained in life skills including teambuilding, conflict resolution and leadership. Upon completion of training, the youths graduate as peace ambassadors to serve their communities as well as their “enemies."

While advances in peaceful coexistence have clearly been made in Marsabit, there continues to be a need for a neutral safe space for at-risk children. The grant would make it possible for HODI to buy an already identified parcel of land near a water source and away from danger, thus enabling them to begin to fulfill their vision of a Peace Center to shelter up to 1000 children.

A PLACE TO LEARN in memory of Barbara Wheeler
sponsored in part by the Wheeler family and AWC Denmark

Bogota mapName:  Proyecto DeVida – Nunkui Project
Location:  Bogota, Columbia

Sponsoring Club: AWC Bogota
Sponsoring Club’s Length of Affiliation:  5 years

Parent Organization:  None

Website:  None

Funding Breakdown:  54% foreign donors, 15% sponsors, 10% private donations in Columbia, 10% sale of condolence & gift certificates, 9% in kind donations and 2% from sales at foundation store

Purpose of the Grant: The Nunkui Project will teach vegetable gardening to hundred children between the ages of four and fourteen in one of Bogotá’s poorest neighborhoods. A containing wall and protective fence will enable the center to expand its area of cultivation.  Most of these children’s families have been displaced from their homes in rural towns and villages due to the violent conflicts. They will learn how to prepare the earth, plant gardens, and work together as a team. The children can then take what they learn back to their neighborhoods and create additional cultivated areas.  Parents will also receive classes in preparing the garden products to enable them to improve their nutrition.

The Proyecto de Vida Foundation is a private non-profit organization founded in 1998. The organization provides a safe environment where the children can acquire the social, cognitive, emotional, and physical skills needed to break the cycle of poverty which envelops them and their families, build self-esteem and to improve their quality of life. More than 800 children between the ages of four and twenty participate before or after school. 

The grant will be used to purchase tools, seeds, seed containers, irrigation hoses, worms and install fencing around the facility as well as other materials for growing seedlings and harvesting produce. It will pay workers (parents) and buy materials to build the containing wall and fence. The remaining funds will be used for the preparation and production of teaching materials to be used by the students as well as promotional material to encourage family and neighborhood participation in the project.

sponsored in part by AILO Florence

Eden Ministry PictureName:  Eden Women’s Ministry

Location:  Shanghai, China
Sponsoring Club: AWC Shanghai
Sponsoring Club’s Length of Affiliation:  1 year
Parent Organization:  Mercy Outreach
Website:  www.edenchina.org
Funding Breakdown:  Donations, grants and the sales of jewelry

Purpose of the Grant: The trafficking of young girls between the ages of 14 and 19 for sexual exploitation is a huge problem in China.  Girls are moved across provinces and traffickers do not face the troubles of border crossings or arrests.  Many of these girls come from the countryside and have no information to protect themselves against HIV or STDs.  Usually they are beaten and raped into submission until they become compliant with their captors and the brothel owners.  Feeling a huge sense of shame these young girls surrender themselves to this lifestyle and believe their young lives to be ruined.  They send money home to support their little brothers through school or their sick parents. They find some comfort in this. The girls earn more money than they have ever seen before in the countryside and become ensnared by their captors.

Eden Women’s Ministry has been working with this problem for more than 7 years in Yunnan, china. We have seen hundreds of girls rescued out of the sex trade and seen real life transformation through the process of counseling, job retraining, fair salaries and living in a safe environment. Our next step is to continue with a new program in Shanghai. The grant will be used toward costs of a new shelter for ten girls. The city is a huge trafficking hub. In our recent street outreach in three different red light areas we found girls that had been trafficked from every province of China.

sponsored in part by AWC The Hague

Morning Tears PictureName:  Coming Home, Morning Tears
Location:  China
Sponsoring Club: AWC Shanghai
Sponsoring Club’s Length of Affiliation:  over 1 year
Parent Organization:  Morning Tears VZW
Website:  www.morningtears.org
Funding Breakdown:  58% donations from Belgium and 24% from China

Purpose of the Grant: Morning Tears cares for children with parents in prison. Without the help of organizations like Morning Tears many children would risk becoming socially neglected and highly vulnerable to abuse, illegal child labor and organized crime. Many of the children in our Coming Home project are traumatized from physical and sexual abuse; they have been left behind by their parent(s) and immediate family. In China children of imprisoned parents are deemed bad luck and often have nowhere to go. There are no laws or regulations protecting children of imprisoned parent(s) as they are not defined as orphans.

Currently 600,000 children in China are in need of our support – and there is very little government involvement. This finds many children living in homes with physical and sexual abuse or on the streets. These situations have devastating effects on children. In our homes the staff is ready to receive more children. Training is an important part of our projects and we are very careful selecting our staff and provide continuous training to ensure the best care for our children.
Morning Tears Shanghai is part of Morning Tears China. Morning Tears is a registered NGO in Holland, Belgian, Denmark, Spain and the US. The organization is non-religious, non-governmental and non-political.
The grant will be used to buy, install bath and bedrooms for eight children. Morning Tears operates on funds from organizations, companies and individuals, allowing us to care for traumatized children who have no other options in life.


Name:  HIV AIDS Awareness Katosi
Location: Uganda

Sponsoring Club: AWC The Hague
Sponsoring Club’s Length of Affiliation:  1 year

Parent Organization:  Katosi Women Development Trust
Website:  www.katosi.org
Funding Breakdown:  100% Donations

Purpose of the Grant: The project will increase access to HIV testing and counseling services for the people in the Katosi fishing communities on the northern shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda. Despite declining rates of HIV/AIDS infections in Uganda, the story is different among fishing communities, as  HIV/AIDS infection rates are still very high – as much as 38%! Although there are health centers and organizations that provide treatment for HIV/AIDS to this community, they are located far away and they do little to address prevention, which is the most effective way of dealing with the HIV problem.  This project will bring testing and counseling services closer to the people. Awareness training will be provided to help emphasize the importance of HIV testing and to encourage safe behaviors.

Katosi Women Development Trust is a local NGO in the Mukono District of Uganda. KWDT works with 13 women’s groups, and has established an effective network of local women who have successfully implemented rainwater harvesting, sanitation and micro-credit programs.  KWDT has established the trust of the members of the communities it serves, and is well-positioned to help in the sensitive area of HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.
The grant will be used to create HIV/AIDS awareness in the Katosi fishing communities. Two hundred eighty five women will get access to testing services and counseling for HIV/AIDS. Home visits will be provided for the affected families.  Awareness training will be conducted and information about HIV/AIDs prevention will be translated into the local languages and distributed to two thousand people.


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