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iGive Link: http://www.iGive.com/welcome/warmwelcome.cfm?c=54027&m=760552

Have you been thinking that you want to find a way to make a donation to The FAWCO Foundation? Now you can shop online and at the same time and AT NO ADDITIONAL cost, make a donation to the FAWCO Foundation.

The FAWCO Foundation has registered as a “cause” on www.iGive.com, the first online shopping mall “committed to turning everyday online shopping into donations for worthy causes at no cost to shoppers or the causes they support.” iGive.com was established in 1997 and currently has over 831 top retailers and services in its “mall.” Since they have started, iGive.com has donated over $5 million to causes registered on their website.

The Foundation is inviting FAWCO club members to register with iGive.com and indicate “FAWCO Foundation” as their cause. It’s easy and it’s free.

To make online shopping work for The FAWCO Foundation, register with iGive.com. It’s easy!
  1. Go to: http://www.iGive.com/welcome/warmwelcome.cfm?c=54027&m=760552
  2. Fill out the simple registration form and submit (remember to write down your password!)
  3. Once registered, the site will take you to its home page. Search for your favorite retailer and shop 'til you drop!
  4. Please note: If you enter the website using the basic iGive.com website address (and not from the link above), you will have to enter “FAWCO Foundation” as your cause.

Once the shopper is registered, they enter the iGive.com website, log on, and search on the site for their favorite retailer or service. From there, they “click” on the retailer’s link. After that, all the user needs to do is “shop 'til they drop” (or their fingers wear out). A percentage amount of the purchase (before shipping and taxes) will be calculated and sent to The FAWCO Foundation.



You will have an opportunity to “invite friends” to register on iGive.com. iGive.com will donate $5.00 to The FAWCO Foundation for each new member who registers and makes The FAWCO Foundation their cause if they shop through iGive.com within 45 days of their registration.

Please note that when shopping from iGive.com “Online shopping mall,” some of the donations may be tax-deductible. Please see the website for details.

The FAWCO Foundation thanks all of the individuals and clubs who make generous donations to The Foundation. We hope that we will be able to count on you to support The Foundation’s programs again this year. Your donations combined with the donations made through shopping through the iGive.com website will enable us to continue our work for you and for the projects that you passionately support through The FAWCO Foundation.


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Fawco Foundation

Who We Are


The FAWCO Foundation was created in 1967 and is the philanthropic arm of FAWCO, a network of independent American and international volunteer organizations representing private-sector American citizens overseas. FAWCO consists of over 64 clubs throughout the world. We are a U.S. non-profit corporation, registered in the State of Missouri as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

The FAWCO Foundation supports the philanthropic goals of FAWCO by developing, administering and fundraising for programs that improve the lives of women and children worldwide. 

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