The 2018 FAWCO Foundation Development Grant Ballot

There are eight Development Grants being offered in 2018 - three in the area of Education, one focusing on the Environment, two in the field of Health and two for Human Rights. Fifteen projects in total have been nominated. The projects in each category receiving the most votes will be awarded those Grants.

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There are three Education grants available. You may vote for three projects in this category.

Project Name: Butiama Safe House Vocational Training Centre
Location: Serengeti, Tanzania
Nominating Club's Length of Affiliation: 2 years
Parent Organization: n/a
Project Funding Breakdown:
Computer instructor $1016.17
Tailoring instructor 1016.17
Entrepreneurship instructor 1016.17
Notebooks and pens 100.93
Tailoring materials 587.95
Batik making materials 279.27
Soap making materials 279.27
Baking materials 195.98
Tanzanian bank charges 8.09
Total $4500.00
Purpose of the Grant:
This Development Grant will help 22 girls who have fled Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) receive vocational and entrepreneurial training to empower them to their fullest economic potential. This Safe House is committed to fighting FGM and other forms of gender-based violence and saving young girls from forced marriages. The girls gain business experience by selling products they have made with their newly acquired skills and receive human rights training. All aspects of this training significantly improve the lives of these girls within their communities by supporting their education and healthcare and protecting their human rights. These three vital pillars, a major part of the FAWCO mission, will help stop the cycle of violence.

Project Name: Kitchen for Rural Kenyan Catering Program
Location: Chepkanga, Kenya
Nominating Club's Length of Affiliation: 10 years
Parent Organization: n/a
Project Funding Breakdown:
Substructure $ 1223
Walling 622
Concrete Superstructure513
Roof Covering779
Total Materials3456
Labor: 30% of material cost1044
Total Kitchen Construction$ 4500
Purpose of the Grant:
This Development Grant will provide funding to Rafiki Ya Maisha, an NGO that raises money for two schools in Kenya. The funds will construct a teaching kitchen at the Sergoek Vocational Training Center in Chepkanga. The Center provides education and training to 126 rural youth. The catering program is the flagship program of the center and currently has 18 students. Programs offered at the Center help youth, particularly girls, find employment outside the home and break the cycle of poverty. Construction of the Center started in 2007 and buildings have grown as funds become available. There are currently nine classrooms, a small administrative building, a makeshift corrugated iron kitchen and pit latrines. A proper kitchen will help improve professionalism as well as the self-esteem of the students.

Project Name:#Reboot Computer Literacy (a Safe Spaces project)
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Nominating Club's Length of Affiliation: 3 years
Parent Organization: Safe Spaces Foundation
Project Funding Breakdown:
Onsite Project Manager$840.00
Transportation Students1000.00
Purpose of the Grant:
Safe Spaces is an empowerment program for young women in Nairobi's Eastland Slums. In today's world, IT skills are a core competency necessary to succeed in most careers. In the Eastland Slums, girls have no access to computers at home. Computer literacy isn't taught in schools. Project #Reboot will fill this gap. It will teach girls computer skills and develop their critical thinking ability. They will engage with companies to recruit mentors and potential employers as girls complete their education. Computer skills improve prospects for life-long learning, jobs and career. Girls achieving #Reboot certification will be equipped to tackle challenges in school and the job market. Empowered, self-sufficient girls can support themselves and their families, strengthening the community. This Development Grant will empower girls by funding a project manager, computers, curriculum and student's transportation to #Reboot classes.


There is one Environment grant available. You may vote for one project in this category.

Project Name: Hazarwadi Open Well
Location: Maharashtra, India
Nominating Club's Length of Affiliation: 7 years
Parent Organization: Jesuit Mission Nurnberg, Germany
Project Funding Breakdown:
Digging of the open well, material for blasting$ 700
Construction work:
Materials: cement, steel, sand, gravel etc.1690
Pipeline 800 meter:
Material: Wonder Pipe (e.g. PVC)1040
Machinery for digging the trench690
Purpose of the Grant:
ITWDP has successfully used watershed development ("catching the rain") in desertified areas of Maharashtra, India to restore the environment, to replenish the groundwater that can feed open wells, and to improve the lives of the tribal inhabitants, the poorest people in the lowest part of Indian society. The Development Grant will finance the construction of an open well in a rural hamlet of 14 tribal families who have insufficient access to water. The concrete-lined well (23x23 feet, depth 35 feet, with a pump and pipeline) will provide an adequate water supply throughout the year and allow irrigation of a second crop to be sold for income. Better health, better nutrition, a sustainable livelihood that stops migration for work, and access to education will be the final rewards.


There are two Health grants available. You may vote for ONLY two projects in this category.

Project Name: A Support Group for Anglophones Touched by Cancer
Location: Paris, France
Nominating Club's Length of Affiliation: 2 years+
Parent Organization: Cancer Support France
Project Funding Breakdown:
Space Rental:$4287.42
Supplies: coffee maker, electric kettle, tea, coffee, milk, water,
tissues, cups, sugar, napkins, garbage bags, towels, etc.
Purpose of the Grant:
Cancer Support France offers free, confidential support for Anglophones living in or visiting France who are touched by cancer. Our trained volunteers deliver emotional support, language support and practical help to cancer patients, their caregivers, and families. Our aim is to ensure that anyone diagnosed with cancer can find the help they need from the moment of diagnosis for as long as that help is needed. This Development Grant will allow the project to create a monthly support group for Anglophones. CSF helps clients individually and we have noted a strong demand for a group. There is nothing resembling this in the Paris metropolitan area and we receive queries regularly. We know that a sense of community can be healing and comforting, and we need suitable surroundings to provide this.

Project Name: Benefit Enhancement Project
Location: Surrey, UK
Nominating Club's Length of Affiliation: 2 years
Parent Organization: n/a
Project Funding Breakdown:
Rifton Adaptive Tricycle$1891
Eye Gaze2609
Purpose of the Grant:
Peterson's Fund for Children is a registered charity that supports children in Surrey with severe mental/physical disabilities by providing funding for therapy and equipment otherwise unavailable on the NHS. Through its many years of experience, the charity has found that bespoke equipment not only enhances the child's development but also has a significant impact on the family dynamics and the child's place within the community. With the purchase of a Rifton Adaptive Tricycle for Dexter, who has just started to become mobile, and an Eye Gaze for Celeese to aid learning and communicating in the classroom and therapy setting (as she is non-verbal due to a brain disorder), this Development Grant would address the need for an enhanced level of self-confidence, joy and independence sought by these children.

Project Name: ENDing TB in North Korea
Location: Pyongsong Sanatorium, North Korea
Nominating Club’s Length of Affiliation: 18 months
Parent Organization: Korean Red Cross Foundation
Project Funding Breakdown:
2500 N-95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators$2000
Supplementing food budget1000
Immunomodulation materials750
Travel from UK - NK750
Moxafrica will pay for accommodation and travel within NK
Purpose of the Grant:
Tuberculosis is the number one infectious killer in the world. Tuberculosis and drug-resistant tuberculosis are endemic in North Korea and ravage a vulnerable population already suffering from chronic malnutrition. TB patients are treated in sanatoriums, known locally as multi-drug resistant TB factories, where many will die. This DG grant will pay for N-95 respirators, nutritional support and immunomodulation that will cut TB transmission, increase treatment success rates, and reduce post-treatment relapse and reinfection rates. Post-treatment relapse and reinfection rates can be up to seven times that of primary infection. At home, the mother, grandmother, wife or daughter is the primary caregiver and at great risk of tuberculosis infection. By cutting the relapse and reinfection rate, we also will protect vulnerable caregivers in the home.

Project Name: Subsidized Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy sessions
Location: Surrey, UK
Nominating Club’s Length of Affiliation: 3 years+
Parent Organization: n/a
Project Funding Breakdown:
Hydrotherapy sessions$2250
Physiotherapy sessions$2250
Purpose of the Grant:
Bracknell Parkinson's provides their 125 members with access to hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. As there is no cure for Parkinson's, patients must learn ways to manage their symptoms. Members particularly value hydrotherapy and physiotherapy as a source of relief for their condition. In addition, their caregivers also benefit as they meet up at the same time for mutual support and exchange of experiences. In practice, there are likely to be around 16 members who attend hydrotherapy each week and a similar number for physiotherapy although this can be more if they all attend. We believe that this combination of social and practical assistance enhances their quality of life, helps to reduce their need for support from other sources and organizations, and helps to safeguard members by reducing their potential isolation. Member fees currently cover most of the therapy fees. The money from this Development Grant will be used to defray the remaining costs of therapy to its members.

Project Name: Project WIN
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Nominating Club's Length of Affiliation: 18 months
Parent Organization: Thongin Nuntarut
Project Funding Breakdown:
Supplies for 2 villages:
Village Number 6
Initiative 1
Supplies for building dam or pond for fish$ 3000
Initiative 2
Chicken coop, feed and hatchlings500
Initiative 3
Mushroom growing structure/supplies100
Initiative 4
Organic Gardens130
Children's Day: 2-day festival to solidify community participation and education of the children.35
Total expenses for village N.6$ 3765
Village Number 7
Initiative 1
Chicken coop, feed and hatchlings$500
Initiative 2
Mushroom growing structure/supplies100
Initiative 3
Organic Gardens100
Children's Day: 2-day festival to solidify community participation and education of the children35
Total expenses for village number 7$735
Purpose of the Grant:
Currently, protein in the diet of Thai hill tribe peoples is minimal. The government recently acknowledged this as an ongoing issue for the country to compete in a global knowledge-based economy. The late king addressed this issue before his death. The Development Grant will help improve the quality of nutrition of the local, marginalized population as well as finance their education in self-sufficient production and increasing dietary protein. This will be accomplished through hands-on training in the 4 different initiatives: 1. build a coop to raise chickens and eggs 2. build a fish pond for sustainable fish-farming 3. build mushroom huts and grow mushrooms to help eliminate slash and burn 4. develop and grow chemical free vegetable gardens. The initiatives become mutually enhancing because water from fish fertilizes the garden.

Human Rights

There are two Human Rights grants available. You may vote for ONLY two projects in this category.

Project Name: A Light in the Dakar Slums - Change with Microcredit
Location: Dakar, Senegal
Nominating Club’s Length of Affiliation: 10 years
Parent Organization: n/a
Project Funding Breakdown:
25 Microcredit loans$2500
¼ Salary for WFG Coordinator500
Consultant Personnel1000
Material Development500
Purpose of the Grant:
This Development Grant will pay for twenty-five microcredit loans for small business ideas defined by slum women and graduating girls. As recipients pay back, Women for Girls (WFG) will finance more community initiatives.
The complex issues facing women in becoming educated, economically stable and healthy do not have simple fix-it solutions; and when one lives in a Dakar slum, one envisions only a dark tunnel. For over ten years, WFG has been working in Senegal on girls' education and women's empowerment. Now girls are finishing trade/professional schools and ready to start businesses and other women also have projects in mind. All dream of a different future. Their businesses will improve food security and health of women and children, reduce school attrition and create employment for youth and women.

Project Name: FEED the starving Rohingyas
Location: Bangladesh
Nominating Club’s Length of Affiliation: 2 years
Parent Organization: Asian Resource Foundation
Project Funding Breakdown:
400 tins$ 800
400 kg beaten rice400
400 kg molasses400
400 kg puffed rice320
400 packets sliced bread280
400 packets milk powder1,800
100-liter bottle water100
Misc costs (truck rental, gas, etc.)400
Purpose of the Grant:
Since the Myanmar military started ethnic cleansing in 2017, approximately one million Rohingyas have fled to Bangladesh, creating a massive humanitarian disaster. New refugees, mostly women and children, arrive daily after walking for days through jungles. Existing camps are beyond capacity. Refugees take shelter in shops in forests and under trees. They desperately need food, water, clothes and medical care. This project will provide the newly arrived Rohingya with dry food packs, each containing a tin container, powdered milk, sliced bread, water, rice and molasses. Despite efforts of many organizations, the volume of aid is inadequate to meet the needs of the refugees. The new arrivals, especially children, are suffering badly. The FAWCO Development Grant will directly benefit 400 families - 2,800 refugees - providing food and water.

Project Name: Foivi - Shelter for Battered Women
Location: Xolargos, Greece
Nominating Club’s Length of Affiliation: 10 years
Parent Organization: n/a
Website: none
Project Funding Breakdown:
Washing Machine475
Clothes Dryer630
Food Processor740
40" Television550
HP Laptop710
Assorted Children's Computer Programs162
Sewing Machine640
Purpose of the Grant:
Foivi - Shelter for Battered Women - is one of the first such shelters in Greece and has served as a model for others. Foivi helps victims of domestic violence gain social and economic independence through shelter, counseling, advocacy, love and friendship. Foivi houses 45-50 women a year (and the children of these women) who are in danger, providing 24-hour care, during which time they receive counseling, training and life skills. Stays are often extended. Foivi accepts all women, regardless of nationality, religion or race. Children are provided with a loving atmosphere, many for the first time in their short lives. Many leave calling Mrs. Danilidou "Grandma" and return as volunteers when they become adults. Each "success" story is a point of pride for Mrs. Danilidou who keeps her doors open to visits from past residents. The Development Grant will provide basic home necessities, thus creating an environment for these women to receive proper counseling and teaching of work skills to then become contributing members of the community.

Project Name: Safely Away: Breaking the Cycle of Gender-Based Violence in Vulnerable Communities
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Nominating Club’s Length of Affiliation: 4 years
Parent Organization: n/a
Website: http:/
Project Funding Breakdown:
Translating the Safety Plan into Dutch
(An official language of Belgium)
$ 470
Printing 2,500 copies of the Safety Plan in Dutch, Thai, Indonesian and English versions1765
Oasis personnel costs for dissemination of Safety plan and training others in its use
(Salary for 1 project manager and 1 communications manager x 30 hrs each)
Oasis staff and volunteer transport costs for dissemination activities
(Gasoline/parking for 10 return car trips plus costs of 6 return train tickets)
Small group activities in the community (Transport and per diem for community members)706
Large community training and dissemination event at local Thai Buddhist Temple382
Total:$ 4500
Purpose of the Grant:
Southeast Asian immigrant women in Belgium are at risk for becoming trapped in situations of gender-based violence due to cultural, linguistic, legal and economic factors. Safely Away will empower women to break cycles of violence for themselves and their children, while assisting community leaders to become resources and allies. This Development Grant funding will allow Oasis to translate, print and disseminate 2,500 copies of its Safety Plan, designed to help women in violent relationships plan safe exits (temporary and permanent). Oasis staff members will provide small-group and personalized training on the use of the Safety Plan as part of its ongoing support to at-risk women. Oasis will also change the culture surrounding gender-based violence by training community leaders on relevant issues and on support for at-risk women.

Project Name: The Pillow Project to Stop Child Trafficking
Location: Murang'a County, Kenya
Nominating Club’s Length of Affiliation: 4 years
Parent Organization: Stahili Foundation
Project Funding Breakdown:
Pillows and pillowcases310
Bed sheets770
Mosquito nets372
Transport for items to homes341
Purpose of the Grant:
Most children living in orphanages in Kenya have family who cannot care for them because of poverty. Families are often tricked into giving up their children under the false promise of food and education. In reality, children are trafficked and exploited so that orphanage operators receive donations. Stahili works to end this practice and develop solutions ensuring that children can return safely to their families and communities. The Development Grant will allow the Pillow Project to Stop Child Trafficking to provide beds, sheets and pillows for 31 children who have been trafficked. This will give child victims the safety of shelter and a bed and consistent and high-quality sleep, which is vital for children to flourish, learn, grow, and develop a secure sense of their home environment.

Project Name: Direct Service to Victims of Sexual Assault Abroad
Location: Worldwide
Nominating Club’s Length of Affiliation: 11 years
Parent Organization: Pathways to Safety International
Project Funding Breakdown:
Direct Service to ≈ 30 survivors at ≈ $150 per service = $4500
Purpose of the Grant:
An estimated 9 million Americans live overseas, and 80 million Americans travel overseas. This project will provide a myriad of critical sexual assault direct response services to Americans overseas, including rape kits, access to post-exposure prophylaxis, medical care, translation services, transportation, etc., when working with a Pathways Case Manager. Due to recent federal funding cuts, all current funding for Pathways is allocated to operation of our crisis line, so these direct sexual assault support services are not currently available. While the number of people served, type of service provided, and cost of service will vary depending on the unique need of each victim and their location, we estimate that the Development Grant funds will provide approximately 30 people with direct sexual assault response services averaging $150 per person.


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