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Recipe for Success #1

Tripled Tiered Treats Title

This fundraising event can work for any size club, any time of the year (perhaps as part of your club’s birthday celebration?) Use the Tripled Tiered Treats Presentation to help you plan this event.

Construct a visual of a three tiered cake (see below for instructions).  Each tier has “slices”; each tier’s slices will represent a different donation amount-the lower tiers where there are more slices, will be the least expensive and the top tier will be the most expensive.  Each slice will represent a “thank you gift” which is described inside the envelope.  For example:

Tier one- Minimum donation for a slice is $15 (50 slices). The gifts for these slices might include- some baked goods to take home, refrigerator magnets, and coffee mugs. 
Tier two- Minimum donation for a slice is $50 (25 slices).  The gifts for these slices might include- more specialized baked goods, cookbooks, a small kitchen appliance or cooking utensils, etc,
Tier three- Minimum donation for a slice is $75 (10 slices).  The gifts for these slices might include: a highly specialized baked item (fancy cake) a cooking class, tea for two at a local hotel, a very nice kitchen appliance, linens, and cake plates etc.

It can be adjusted to include more slices or higher prices for each slice. This model would raise $2600.  The goal of this event is to raise money for the FAWCO Target Water Project.  The gifts are simply a token of your appreciation.  Remember, “It’s the thought that counts”. 

We suggest dividing the work as follows: The Party Planners, the Gift Solicitors and the Cake Decorators.

The Party Planners   Here are a few things that you might want to discuss with your club’s board:

  • Should this be part of a club wide event such as a coffee or luncheon, club birthday event? Or, should it be its own event? 
  • Be sure that you request a date with the responsible person in your club!
  • Plan in well in advance so that you can include information about the event in your monthly, bulletins, announcements and on your website!
  • You may consider “pre-selling” slices before the event to help insure that all of the slices will be sold by the end of the event.  Provide a receipt with the tier number and the participant can select an envelope from the appropriate tier. Does your club use PayPal?  Consider setting a PayPal button for each tier.
What you do at the event is up to you-have fun!  At the event ask each participant who has purchased a slice to select an envelope inside the tier of the cake. You may wish to print the FAWCO Target Water project brochures.  You can download the Wells for Clean Wells for Clean Water Power Point downloaded from The FAWCO website - and play it on a computer.  This might help donations!

The Gift Solicitors   Soliciting for the gifts is easier when there is a group of three or four people working together.  If you want to send prospective donors a letter, we have provided a template.   (There is also a thank you card.)  However, the direct approach, a phone call or personal visit, sometimes gets the quickest and best result.  Print a few of the Target Water Project brochures to take with you. 
Try to have an assortment of gifts –it adds an element of surprise and it’s easier to acquire an assortment of items rather than a lot of one single item. Here are some ideas for items to be included as gifts:

Ask your Club “foodies” to help.  Could each of them offer a gift certificate to bake their signature pie, cookies, or brownies?  Perhaps you could ask your local bakeries for the same kind of certificate.  For higher tiers, perhaps someone might donate to prepare dessert for a dinner party (crepes? cheesecake?)  Or offer a free cooking lesson? 

Donations from local businesses –restaurants, tea rooms, hotels might offer a certificate for two for lunch, tea or dinner.  Local cooking schools or those local cooking instructors your club uses to teach cooking classes to your members might offer a gift certificate or two for a cooking class.  Merchandise is perfect for all levels, cake stands, mugs refrigerator magnets, aprons, cookbooks kitchen gadgets, big or small.   Gift baskets are also a great item- a chocolate lovers’ delight, for example.  These can be created by volunteers or donated by local shops.

The Cake Decorators   Here is a suggested “visual” for the cake-but feel free to create whatever your club feels best conveys the message!
Ingredients (the supplies you need):

  • Three boxes, all different sizes
  • Decorations –including a “Well” Deserved Desserts logo, Target logo and your club logo
  • Envelopes-the quantity will depend upon how many “slices” of cake will be available 
  • Cards or paper to insert in the envelope
Locating the Boxes- On the internet, under “nesting boxes” there are sites where they can be ordered online.  Try local craft or paper stores, or stores that specialize in storage items. IKEA sells a set of three for around 15 Euros.  Look in the gift wrapping department.  Perhaps a store that sells dinnerware might have some dinner plate boxes that they would donate?

Decorating- Stack the boxes to look like a tiered cake.  Do not adhere them to each other because the envelopes (“slices”) with the gift information will be inside each tier. How you decorate “the cake” is totally up to you! If you want to use the logos as part of the decoration, print them on self adhesive paper. 

The Envelopes and Cards- for each gift, prepare a card and envelope (this is the “slice”).  Print the description of the gift (along with the information about the gift’s donor) on card.  It might be helpful to designate on the card the level or “tier” of the gift.  On the envelope, make sure the tier number is on the front- in case the envelopes get jostled.

For the Event   Set the gifts out on a table.  If you have enough room perhaps one table for each tier of the cake.  Assign a “hostess” available to take the donations.  The donor gets a receipt with the appropriate tier number on it.  He/she then takes the receipt to a “server” at the appropriate table and the server lets her select an envelope from the tier and assists the donor in locating the correct gift.   And please, please, please thank the donor for her generous contribution!

You may want to have refreshments at the event and some brochures available about the project.  There is a power point about the project that you could make available on your laptop for viewing (see below). 



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